After essay for One Direction, Canadian artist Tebey prepared for nation song spotlight

July 11, 2016 - one direction

You know him, though we substantially don’t know him.

Or rather, we know his work, though expected don’t know a male responsible.

And Tebey is aiming to change that.

“It’s been a unequivocally engaging final integrate of years for me,” says a Canadian nation musician innate Tebey Ottoh.

“We’ve had some hits on a radio, we’ve had some Top 5 singles, blah, blah, blah, blah, though there’s still a lot of nation fans out there that haven’t connected a dots. And that’s a hardest partial as an artist is removing them to be like, ‘Oh, that strain is Tebey’s song.’ we consider furloughed this summer is unequivocally going to help.”

Touring, that will move him to a Calgary Stampede and a Nashville North theatre on Monday night, as good as releasing his new six-song EP Old School, should some-more than set a record true on who he is and what he does.

Well, what he does when he does it, if that creates any sense.

You see, for a past decade or so, a Burlington-raised, Nashville-based artist has ragged dual opposite hats: that of nation musician, and that of hit-penning songwriter of all genres.

A representation of a folks he’s granted with their chart-toppers includes everybody from One Direction (They Don’t Know About Us and Loved You First from their Take Me Home album), Pixie Lott (All About Tonight) and Cher (Take It Like A Man) to Big and Rich (Radio), Doc Walker (Why) and many, many for Emerson Drive.

Along a approach he’s also managed, as he notes, to get some of his possess sung songs into a radio mix, such as Somewhere In a Country, Till It’s Gone and Wake Me Up, and acquire himself back-to-back CCMA nominations for Rising Star.

“I kind of collate my career — it could be taken a wrong approach — though someone like Dierks Bentley,” he says.

“(He’s) a large nation artist, though it took him a good eight, 9 years of unchanging songs on a radio and all of remarkable he releases a strain called Drunk on a Plane and all only kind of goes bang and afterwards he’s doing arenas and headlining large shows. It’s only one of those things, we keep building it and building it solemnly and fan by fan and eventually, hopefully, it only takes off.”

Actually, it seemed it was going to do that some-more than a decade-and-a-half ago. Tebey’s rising star is one that went by something of a delay. After winning some singing competitions during home, he was sealed to a vital tag understanding during a age of 16, relocated to Nasvhille, was being picked adult for government by Bruce Allen and found himself operative with famed writer Bob Rock.

He was set for fame, even scored a Top 50 singular in a States with We Shook Hands (Man to Man).

And then?

“I had a universe on a china platter there for a notation and afterwards it only didn’t work. we don’t know what happened, if we were brazen of a time, if a songs weren’t great, we unequivocally don’t know, but, yeah, we kind of came crashing behind down to earth as a 20 year old,” a 32-year-old says of a mislaid tag deal, that sent him temporarily behind to Canada where he began essay for artists such as Rex Goudie and Shawn Desman.

“I kind of had to scratch my approach behind over a final 10 years and we consider it’s been good for me as a chairman and also only being means to conclude what I’ve been means to do and any success I’ve had in a past and also relocating brazen — only be beholden and we consider it’s all since of a trail I’ve taken.”

He admits that it taught him a good series of lessons and says he has no regrets about how it all worked out, job himself “super content” and beholden for a “wife and dual pleasing kids” he now has, expected wouldn’t have if things had incited out differently.

Tebey also thinks he’s some-more mature and means to hoop any success that competence come his approach now, and has enjoyed a past few years of defining himself, anticipating himself as a songwriter and an artist, and he’s anticipating that Canadian nation fans will bond with that.

Old School, that was expelled on Friday, positively has a series of noted tunes on it, including Lightweight, When a Buzz Wears Off, that aforementioned chronicle of EDM artist Avicii’s balance Wake Me Up with Emerson Drive, and a upbeat, singalong-ready sentimental pretension cut, that name-checks Walkmans, Snapple, Beverly Hills 90210, Nirvana, compensate phones, Dr. Pepper and “kick(ing) on behind in a Pontiac and smoking marijuana.”

And he admits he already has a series of songs during a prepared that this nation’s radio-listeners competence be informed with when he hits a highway in a tumble for a vital headlining run sponsored by Coors Banquet called a First Come, First Served Tour.

All of it sounds illusory and all of it should pull Tebey’s name to a front of nation song fans in this country, though it also sounds like an awful lot of work, filled with unconstrained train journeys and prolonged hours divided from his family.

Wouldn’t it only be easier and improved to be a male of one hat, a songwriter one, and lay behind and watch a cheques hurl in?

“No,” he says adamantly, passionately.

“Listen, we adore essay songs for other people — don’t get me wrong, it’s overwhelming anytime we get a large cut like that. we mean, shoot, One Direction, we had dual songs on that album, it sole 7 million copies, we was means to buy another residence with that.

“I’m really grateful, though zero replaces being adult on theatre and carrying people sing your songs behind to we as a artist. That’s because we do what we do.”

Tebey performs 10 p.m. Monday during Nashville North during a Calgary Stampede.

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