Can 5 Seconds Of Summer Learn Valuable Lessons From One Direction?

February 8, 2016 - one direction

5 Seconds Of Summer shares a lot with One Direction. One Direction shares a government group with 5 Seconds Of Summer, and in many ways, their careers follow identical paths. Of course, One Direction also gave 5 Seconds of Summer their large mangle when they took a Aussie pop-punk party out on debate with them. Worryingly for 5 Seconds Of Summer fans, there are other similarities between them and One Direction that will be distant from welcome.

5 Seconds Of Summer are only weeks divided from a large universe debate in support of their sophomore manuscript Sounds Good, Feels Good. It seems that 5 Seconds Of Summer are descending into a settlement that is all too informed to fans of One Direction.

5 Seconds of Summer wrapped adult their final universe debate final October, and roughly immediately, they were off around a universe compelling their album. After a two-month break, many of it spent songwriting, 5 Seconds Of Summer’s subsequent tour, “Sounds Live, Feels Live,” kicks off in Japan on Feb 19. The debate will see 5 Seconds Of Summer on a highway until October, and presumably they will spend any giveaway time they competence have between gigs essay and recording prepared to recover a third manuscript shortly after a debate concludes, prepared for a whole cycle to start again.

It is determined knowledge in a song attention that boy-bands have a unequivocally brief shelf-life. Bands that keep their recognition for some-more than 5 years are rare, so there is always a enticement to make grain while a object shines. Of course, 5 Seconds Of Summer have fought tough to strew a “manufactured boy-band” picture that they were labelled with when they toured with One Direction.

To be satisfactory to 5 Seconds Of Summer, they did not come by a talent uncover track and they have always created a infancy of their possess material. They do, however, attract fans from a similar, immature and female, demographic that followed One Direction in their early days. Of course, 5 Seconds Of Summer have not nonetheless been around for prolonged adequate to see their fans mature alongside them.

There is another outrageous likeness between 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction, and it is this likeness that should be a many worrying to them and their fans. That likeness comes by approach of they approach they are reported in a mainstream media. As One Direction conduct into their hiatus, a media is already display that they are happy to news on only about anything solely 5 Seconds Of Summer’s music.

In a vital underline in Rolling Stone recently, we saw a first unequivocally large effort to sexualize 5 Seconds Of Summer. In that interview, we saw 5 Seconds Of Summer members exaggerate about their furious ways including carrying sex with fans, infrequently with some-more than one during a time. The One Direction boys have been many some-more watchful about their possess adore lives, though that doesn’t stop a news columns using stories only about each day as to who a boys might or might not be dating.

We are already saying outlets like a Daily Mail stating that 5 Seconds Of Summer star Ashton Irwin had a tattoo to supplement to his flourishing collection of physique art. Sound familiar? Some media outlets have spooky over a One Direction boys’ tattoos for years.

Also in a Daily Mail, we see a earth ruinous revelation that 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings “wore spare jeans and carried his guitar” as he upheld by Los Angeles Airport. Again, a headlines are eerily identical to hundreds we have seen created about One Direction over a final 5 years. For integrity sake, we even have a news in MTV that 5 Seconds Of Summer cold out examination Deadpool in relating onesies.

It is maybe a sexualization of 5 Seconds Of Summer that is a many worrying trait. Try googling Luke Hemmings and see how many of a articles created about him are about who he is dating. Like this one in Youth Health Magazine, there are many many more stories about Hemmings’ adore life than there are about his music.

The sexualization of these immature group seems to be something that is speedy by their government team. 5 Seconds Of Summer would do good to learn from One Direction and equivocate descending into that trap.

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