Cancer survivor and One Direction fan Caitlin, 16, ignites new Kisses4Wishes debate for Rays of Sunshine

February 17, 2018 - one direction

A child who fought and degraded a singular bone cancer, twice, is rallying support for a gift that helped her by her darkest moments.

Caitlin Kydd was initial diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma aged seven, though overcame a illness after a prolonged highway of chemotherapy.

To celebrate, Caitlin’s silent Alison bought One Direction tickets to applaud 3 years in remission, though a cancer returned and Caitlin was too feeble for a gig.

Caitlin Kydd, 15, has survived cancer twice and is now regulating a fundraising debate to assistance a gift that postulated her wish when she was ill

Now Caitlin, 16, from Hawkinge, is 4 years in remission, and has launched her Feb debate Kisses4Wishes to assistance save a lives of severely ill children.

Caitlin said: “I have had bone cancer, twice. Once when we was 7 and again when we was 11.

“I have beaten a cancer, survived a diagnosis and have literally been rebuilt as we now have a steel femur and hip and a steel bend and humerus.

“I’m a titanium girl.

“I mislaid out on a lot of my childhood and have been by some unequivocally dim times.

She continued: “One of a things that got me by those terrifying days of diagnosis for relapse was meaningful that an extraordinary gift was going to extend my wish.”

Caitlin and silent Alison pronounce to KentOnline during their home in Hawkinge

The charity, Rays of Sunshine, grants wishes to severely and terminally ill children.

As a second turn of chemotherapy took a harsher fee on Caitlin’s body, a gift betrothed her One Direction tickets and a possibility to accommodate a rope when she recovered.

Caitlin said: “I know only what a outrageous disproportion this gift creates to children critical with a life melancholy illness and we know only how most of an impact carrying a wish postulated can have.

“Not only for a child though for their whole family, it is unequivocally another form of medicine that is as critical to a contentment of a child and their family.”

Last year her Kisses4Wishes debate lifted roughly £7,000, and this year she is anticipating to lift more.

Olly Murs is one of a celebrities subsidy a #Kisses4Wishes

People can present by posting a design of a lick on their amicable media regulating a hashtag#Kisses4Wishes and tagging @raysofsunshine, afterwards texting ‘KISS03 £3’ to 70070 to present £3.

The Kisses4Wishes debate has luminary backing.

As good as Olly Murs, a debate has been corroborated by One Direction’s Niall Horan, actor and presenter Stephen Fry, singer and comedian Miranda Hart, TV presenter Stephen Mulhern, singers Leona Lewis and Pixie Lott, radio DJ, comedian and former Strictly competitor Melvin Odoomcorr and JB, from boyband JLS.

Caitlin, who will take her GCSEs this year, is still bettering to a treatment’s after affects.

Her silent explained: “The chemotherapy has enervated her heart, kidneys, lungs, and her skeleton are most thinner after a treatment.

“She can turn sleepy unequivocally simply and gets out of exhale unequivocally easily.

“She has only had to accept this is her life now. She has an extraordinary and understanding round of friends around her.”

Caitlin had to learn to travel again after an operation during Stanmore Hospital in London to fit a titanium prosthesis in her right leg

Caitlin hopes to stay during Folkestone School for Girls to investigate her A-Levels, and in a destiny to turn an environmental scientist.

“And when she fixes a universe she says she wants to try and absolved a universe of diseases,” her silent added.

Any businesses wishing to get concerned can twitter @CaitlinKydd or revisit

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