Cheryl has slammed reports that her attribute with Liam Payne is in trouble following a announcement of photos of a One Direction star with a subsidy dancer.

The couple’s attribute has been a theme of conjecture of late and now Cheryl has oral out about a newly published photos that showed Payne with a dancer in Dubai. She also referenced an picture Payne posted on Instagram progressing in a week alongside popstar Katy Perry.

She tweeted: “I customarily don’t worry myself to respond to foolish articles. But in my overpower they reason a pen.

“This is a foolish article, clutching during really tiny straws. But we can’t omit this story involving an trusting dancer co-worker of Liam’s who has a fiancé, and boring them in to this unfortunate try to try to means problems between Liam and I.

“Nor do we know a roughly daily assault of stories. The other “mystery woman” in a story happens to be my prolonged tenure crony and manager (that’s embarrassing)

“I also occur to adore Katy Perry”, she concluded.

The former X Factor judge added: “Now.. off on a holiday. And a usually thing we’re creation are memories. And violation is a healthy eating. toodles.”

The integrate welcomed their son Bear in Mar final year after been together given 2016.

They initial met on The X Factor in 2008 when Cheryl was a decider and Payne auditioned as a solo contestant, dual years before apropos partial of a strike boyband One Direction on a programme.