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February 25, 2017 - one direction

Cheryl Cole usually fundamentally confirmed her pregnancy and a Internet couldn’t hoop a madness. Ever given Thanksgiving, when Cheryl stepped out with Liam Payne display off a noticeably incomparable midsection, fans have been wondering what a understanding was. Was she profound or was she not? And if she was, because wasn’t she vocalization adult about it?

Finally, Cheryl showed it off in a new video for L’Oreal focusing on confidence. Since then, fans are now speculating that Cheryl has already given birth. Wait…what?! Her many clinging supporters explain that her due date might have been one week ago. Yet, other sources are observant that a due date is someday in March.

The biggest idea that Cheryl could have maybe given birth already is a fact that she skipped a L’Oreal promotional event for a All Worth It debate yesterday. This seems startling given she’s such a vital partial of a project.

Plus, it has been suggested that a fire for this debate took place 5 weeks ago. Five weeks ago, her swell seemed unequivocally big, that means she could have been tighten to given birth even during that time! This is super sparkling news. The second One Direction baby could already be in a universe and a usually thing left to consternation is what in a universe would a name be!

Liam gave an talk while he was still in One Direction and hadn’t even started dating Cheryl nonetheless when he said, “I like a name Taylor. Taylor’s flattering neutral for a child or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my initial child if we had children.”

Aww! We have a feeling “Taylor” and Freddie Tomlinson are already best friends…or, we mean, WILL be best friends.

Do we consider Cheryl has already given birth? Let us know in a comments below!

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