Ex-One Direction Members’ Solo Careers: What We Do (and Don’t) Want to See Which Pop Stars Should Daft Punk …

September 26, 2016 - one direction

It’s been a small over a year given One Direction did a unthinkable, announcing an unfixed hiatus, calming fans they would get behind together though giving no denote as to when. If child rope story tells us anything, this isn’t a earnest claim, though we sojourn hopeful. In a interim, a lads have remained busy, maybe hinting during what a destiny holds. Curious? Us too, so we’ve damaged it down, member by member.

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Louis Tomlinson

What We Know: After One Direction announced a hiatus, Louis underwent presumably a biggest transformation… he’s a father now! When he’s not cuddling adult to 8-month-old Freddie Reign, he’s apropos a guest decider on America’s Got Talent and enjoying his break.

What Should Happen: As a remarkable bad child of 1D, we consider inking a solo understanding wouldn’t be a misfortune pierce for Louis. As for now, we’re happy he’s focusing on his son and career goals that are reduction stressful — there’s no furloughed a universe when you’re on a scheduled TV show. Perhaps personality-based work is where Louis will excel.

Niall Horan

What We Know: If anything, Niall has been doing a whole interregnum thing improved than anyone else in One Direction. He’s unequivocally taken this time to take a gosh damn mangle (there are about 1,000 photos of his personification golf and enjoying himself out and about in London and L.A.). A few days ago, tabloids like The Sun and The Daily Star claimed Horan sealed a solo understanding with Universal, though zero has been proven yet. We do know that he competence be flirting with some strain combination — teen dream Shawn Mendes has hinted during a span operative together.

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What Should Happen: Horan should really combine with Mendes. We totally see him as a songwriter some-more than a solo artist… there’s some-more time to golf when we go to a studio each day instead of a new city on a new continent. 

Liam Payne

What We Know: Since One Direction called it quits, Payne has been flattering bustling — teasing us. At a finish of 2015, he co-wrote a strain “The Night We Met” for an Irish child rope Hometown. A few weeks after he teased a solo song, a small RB descant he common in a 15-second Instagram clip. Around a same time, Payne was speckled in a studio with rapper Juicy J and writer TM88 of 808 Mafia. It seemed like Payne was going to track of Zayn Malik, a sexier, some-more mature sound. A few months after a partnership between Payne, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa surfaced, something Liam would after call a demo — not a single. Fast brazen to Jul 2016 and Liam has sealed a solo understanding with Capitol. When will we get something real, Liam? 

What Should Happen: Well, Liam is clearly going to get to work on a solo manuscript earlier rather than later, and we’re stoked for it. He desired songwriting while in One Direction, so we wouldn’t be astounded if he attempts to co-write many of a marks on his initial solo effort. One thing we do know — this is really going to be some-more RB/hip-hop than 1D. Maybe this is flourishing up?

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Harry Styles

What We Know: If we wish an in-depth comment on Harry’s benefaction and future, we’ve damaged it down for we here. When One Direction announced a hiatus, everybody arrange of insincere heartthrob Styles would be a initial to lift a *NSYNC/Justin Timberlake and launch an uber successful solo career within a strain umbrella. Instead it was Malik who done that move, and Styles went on to write marks (which haven’t been released, though have been purebred to a publisher ASCAP.) Beyond that, a child H is filming a Christopher Nolan World War ll play Dunkirk. However, Harry has inked a solo understanding with Columbia Records — the sum of that we’re going to have to wait and see. 

What Should HappenDunkirk will likely be a success. Even if you’re not a story buff, chances are your father is and with Harry in a picture, could there be a some-more ideal family date? We consider Styles will substantially pursue behaving and strain simultaneously, a World War ll play removing his feet wet. As for a kind of strain his solo career will allow, we consider Styles is going to go a classical stone a la Fleetwood Mac route. There’s a reason “What A Feeling” on One Direction’s final album, Made in a A.M., was such a Harry song.

Zayn Malik

What We Know: Zayn was a usually member of One Direction to willingly leave a rope — 1D didn’t announce a interregnum until someday afterward. In a beginning, a logic Zayn gave for his depart was that he wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old;” usually after did he announce his RB career. He expelled his solo entrance full length, Mind of Mine final year and is now operative on a 1D-themed TV uncover and an autobiography.

What Should Happen: Zayn will substantially recover some-more solo element and we will suffer it (Malik has grown adult and who are we to stop him?) The usually means of regard are a extracurricular activities. Malik has pronounced some ban things about his rope in a past and his book and radio uncover could expel a prolonged shadow. Don’t chuck a dear child rope underneath a bus, Z! 

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