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December 26, 2017 - one direction

Fans of Camila Cabello know that aside from being a gifted thespian and songwriter, a musician has a not-so-secret past as a One Direction fan girl. Yup, a “Havana” songstress was a outrageous Directioner who not usually ran a fan comment for a guys, though was usually as sad as a rest of us when Zayn Malik announced he was withdrawal a group.

Now that she’s had vital success on her possess and as a partial of Fifth Harmony, Camila has even left on to cater a guys she used to know each bit about — speak about carrying some vital envy, tbh. What fan doesn’t wish to hang out with musicians they’re totally spooky with?

Though that’s not all a Irish heartthrob is spilling a tea on. In a new talk with a Radio 1 Breakfast Show, a “This Town” thespian suggested that he and a rest of a 1D guys totally knew about a full outcome a rope has had on Camila’s life. “I remember, we went to perform on X Factor in a states when Fifth Harmony were on it. She was freaking out, she told us she had a One Direction Twitter account, she was crying. I’m contemptible Camila, I’ve told a whole world,” Niall spilled.

Oops! Talk about spilling a small too much, though turns out that a “Slow Hands” thespian wasn’t a usually one who knew about this Twitter account. Turns out a rest of a guys did too, and they don’t seem phased by it. If anything, we gamble they’re totally flattered, though Camila is totally gonna get behind during Niall for pity this tidbit with a world.

The “Bad Things” thespian has left on to turn flattering tighten with Niall Horan, who is totally a fan of her possess solo song – something he valid when rocking out to her lane during an Instagram live session. This fun behind and onward has done fans wish zero some-more than a collab between a two, and they certified that they’re totally down for it. Come on, guys! We’re prepared for it.

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