Former ‘One Direction’ heartthrob sings about Upstate local in new solo

May 24, 2017 - one direction

Harry Styles forsaken his entrance solo manuscript Harry Styles earlier this month, and one of a fan favorite songs from a manuscript is a lane “Carolina.”

The lyrics include, “I met her once and wrote a strain about her,” and fans went on a hunt to find out some-more about a former “One Direction” singer’s muse.

Fans figured out flattering fast that a girl’s name is Townes formed on some lyrics in a unequivocally initial verse. “She never saw herself as a West Coaster / Moved all a approach ’cause her grandma told her / “Townes, improved float before we drown,” Harry sings.

In an interview with BBC1, Harry explained that a strain was about someone special. “It’s about a specific person… It’s potentially about someone from Carolina,” he shared.

And in Harry’s Apple Music documentary Behind a Album, Harry dished that he indeed name drops a special lady in a strain — something that would positively tip her off to a strain being about her. “Her name’s in it so I’m a bit f—ed with that one,” he joked.

Townes’ father reliable to WYFF News 4’s Myra Ruiz that a strain is, indeed, about his daughter.

William Townes Jones is a former South Carolina barrister for a Eighth Judicial Circuit, that includes Greenwood, Abbeville, Newberry and Laurens. He late in 2004.

He pronounced his daughter was innate and lifted in Greenwood, though now lives in Los Angeles.

Townes Adair Jones is a second of Jones’ 4 daughters. She is now study truth and French during a University of California Los Angeles, Jones said.

Jones pronounced his daughter did not wish him to plead how she met Styles or either a dual sojourn connected in any way. However, a former prosecutors did criticism about a singer’s latest album.

“We unequivocally favourite a new manuscript and desired a strain ‘Carolina,'” Jones told WYFF. “The whole family was unequivocally flattered that he wrote it and sang it on a Today Show on inhabitant TV.”

Gilland Jones, is about to connoisseur from UCLA and attend law propagandize during Pepperdine University.

The family creates unchanging cross-country trips to see any other, Jones said.

The couple’s third daughter, Isabella, is now a indication with Elite. The youngest, Campbell, continues to be home-schooled — as her comparison sisters were — by their mother.

“They have hereditary their grandfather’s smarts and their mother’s beauty and brains,” Jones said. “I’m only so happy to be a partial of that group.”

Jones pronounced he hasn’t perceived a lot of inquiries about a strain and his daughter, though he knows it is a story creation waves on a internet.

“The story is as lovable as a strain is, she thinks it’s adorable, unequivocally sweet, though she was unequivocally astounded by a gesture,” a crony of Townes told a Daily Mail. “She never illusory he’d do something like this. She loves a song, and thinks it was unequivocally poetic of him to do it.”

Hearst-owned Seventeen magazine also wrote about a strain and Jones’ connection.

But Townes isn’t perplexing to money in on her celeb strain troubadour status. “[She] doesn’t unequivocally wish any of a courtesy that comes along with it,” her crony explained. “She is a unequivocally private chairman and didn’t wish to go around revelation everybody about this.”

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