Harry Styles: Former One Direction thespian debuts dual new songs on universe tour

March 13, 2018 - one direction

Harry Styles debuted dual new songs when he kicked off his universe tour.

The former One Direction member suggested songs “Anna” and “Medicine” on Sunday Mar 11.

Styles was behaving in Basel, Switzerland during his uncover when he astounded fans with his dual new tracks.

Fans took video of a opening where Styles donned a sparkling black fit and debuted a new songs.

While a pretension “Anna” hasn’t been reliable by Styles himself, fans have given a initial of his new songs that name.

In a strain Styles sings, “I don’t wish we sympathy, though we don’t know what we do to me/ Oh, Anna!/ Every time we see your face, there’s usually so most we can take/ Oh, Anna!”

“Anna” also samples a guitar offshoot from George Michael’s “Faith.”

Styles also debuted a capricious anthem “Medicine,” that goes “Can we take my medicine, take my medicine/ Rest it on your fingertips/ Up to your mouth, feeling it out/ Feeling it out.”

During a concert, Styles also played One Direction songs like “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Stockholm Syndrome” and “If we Could Fly,” a dash of Ariana Grande’s “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” and Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.”

It’s not startling a “Sign of a Times” thespian has new music: it’s been one year given Styles expelled his self-tiled entrance album.

Styles will debate Europe until mid-April, afterwards hits Australia, Asia, South and Central America. 

On Jun 5 he’ll finally play a US during American Airlines Arena in Dallas.

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