Harry Styles Has Confirmed That One Direction Are 100% Still ‘A Thing’ And We Basically Can’t Cope

August 24, 2016 - one direction

24 Aug 2016, 16:29


Looks like Harry Styles is still a One Direction fan lady if his latest comments are anything to go by. 


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Harry Styles has only given us ALL a feels, and no, it’s not since of his horrible good looks or his charm, it’s since he has been vocalization ‘very fondly’ about a One Direction lads. 

He is rumoured to have told expel friends on a set of Dunkirk that he’s still in hold with a rest of a rope and is really lustful of them. 


A source from a film pronounced “occasionally people ask him about his singing and each time One Direction was brought adult he talked about a guys really fondly. He talks as if they are still a thing”. 


So, if we indispensable acknowledgment that One Direction are ‘still a thing’, there it is. 

We’re going for a distortion down since we can’t cope with all this excitement.

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