Harry Styles loses Twitter climax in startle takeover by One Direction’s dim equine Niall Horan

July 13, 2017 - one direction

When Louis Walsh likely that Niall Horan would be a leader of a One Direction split, a Internet could hardly enclose a mirth.

But fast-forward 12 months and it turns out he was crash on a money, with a band’s proprietor good man overtaking Harry Styles as a many renouned 1D-er on Twitter.

In a intolerable takeover, Slow Hands thespian Niall has scooped himself a whopping 30.9 million followers, withdrawal bad-lad Harry and his 30.8 million for dust.

Niall Horan admits he hopes Simon Cowell doesn’t hatred him after he ditched Syco record tag for “fresh start”

Dark equine Niall is now a many renouned One Directioner on Twitter
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Harry and his imagination outfits are lagging behind
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It turns out Louis Walsh knew things a rest of us didn’t
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And he’s shutting a opening on Instagram too, where Niall’s 19.5 million is commencement to poise a genuine hazard to his bandmate’s 21.2 million.

For now though, a Instagram climax stays with capricious Zayn Malik, who was a initial to burst boat and has 23 million followers.

New father Liam Payne has only 13.7 million – nonetheless you’d consider he’d be some-more renouned with his slew of shirtless selfies.

Harry was a champ…
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But he didn’t see Niall coming
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Louis Tomlinson brings adult a behind with 13.3 million, though he’s a bigger strike on Twitter, with 25.2 million unresolved off his each word compared to Liam’s measly 16.6 million.

But behind to Louis Walsh…

The on-off X Factor decider threw his income behind associate Irishman Niall behind in 2016.

The 1D solo career competition only got a whole lot some-more exciting

“Niall Horan was in a right place during a right time, he’s a luckiest man in a universe and he knows that,” he pronounced on Ireland’s Saturday Night With Miriam.

“They done an awful lot of income though it’s over now for them and who’s going to have a solo career. we consider Niall will do unequivocally good and Harry.”

With Niall’s manuscript due out this autumn, watch this space…

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