Harry Styles speckled withdrawal a recording studio. YAS SOLO HARRY.

March 8, 2017 - one direction

Our bodies are ready

You competence not cruise this ‘news,’ per se, yet Harry Styles still-very-much-of-One-Direction fame’s been speckled withdrawal a London recording studio that fundamentally means SOLO HARRY’S HAPPENING and we’re intensely happy about a situation.

Oh, and his BFF and 1D hair stylist Lou Teasdale’s teased a behind-the-scenes vid that might or not be partial of a whole solo debate scenario, yet some-more on that later.

Yup – after Ed Sheeran recently had a chinwag about Harry’s solo stuff, claiming it’s ‘really good’ and will substantially be ‘massive;’ everyone’s favourite Holmes Chapel-born popstar-type’s now sparked rumours his album’s scarcely complete.

In fact what are we on about? His label’s already reliable that.

See not usually has Harry been speckled during pronounced London studio, yet Lou Teasdale chucked a video of her touching adult his makeup on Instagram with a heading ‘Werk.’

A lass of few words, yet it’s still got Directioners talkin’. Is it tangible new footage? WHERE THE FRICK ARE THE MAJORITY OF HIS TATTOOS? HOW DID HIS HAIR GROW SO FAST? IS THIS FOR A THE SOLO CAMPAIGN?

So many questions, unequivocally few answers during this point.

What we do know, though, is that Ed Sheeran’s amatory a strain so far. Chatting to The Sun recently, he spilled: “He came turn like dual years ago and we tangled out a song.

“I consider he’s left in a totally opposite instruction now. It’s unequivocally good. Anything he puts out is going to be massive, let’s be honest. But we consider it’s unequivocally good musically as well.”

MEANWHILE Columbia Records CEO fella Rob Stringer’s teased we’ll be removing something soon. He told Billboard: “We’re tighten and we’re unequivocally excited. We have a record we’re impossibly vehement about and it’s not distant divided from being ready.”

REJOICE. Life’s great.


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