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December 6, 2016 - one direction

Jamie Scott is now on his approach behind home from his Richmond, U.K. studio after a day with Canadian artist Royal Wood. “I’m operative with him for a integrate of weeks,” says Scott. “I’m a fan of his music, so we’re creation a few annals for his new album. He’s unequivocally cool.” If Scott’s lane record is any indication, Royal Wood should prop himself for superstardom deliberation Scott’s heterogeneous discography as a songwriter is filled to a margin with career-defining or trajectory-changing hits.

It’s Scott, after all, who was with One Direction during their first-ever essay event and after guided them toward musical adulthood by assisting radically change their sound from teen bubblegum cocktail to mature adult material. It was also Scott who gave One Direction’s Niall Horan his initial solo strike with a courteous career-launching singer-songwriter jam, “This Town.” It was even Scott who contributed to Justin Bieber’s latest dance strike alongside Major Lazer and MO, “Cold Water.” 

“The one thing we have to my advantage or knowledge is that I’m also an artist and I’ve been in a position that these artists are when they come to my studio,” Scott hypothesizes. If there’s anyone who’s entirely wakeful of a ups and downs of a variable strain industry, it’s him. Initially sealed to Sony as an artist in 2002, a recover of his entrance manuscript was after derailed interjection to company’s 2004 partnership with BMG. From there, he regrouped and expelled strain underneath a name Jamie The Town (and later, as partial of a twin Graffiti6). However, Scott’s career took a left spin in 2010 after pitching a strain to a new child rope prohibited off a U.K. chronicle of The X Factor dubbed One Direction. That pitch, a soon-to-be-single “More Than This,” wound adult on a band’s entrance album Up All Night, and Scott subsequently incited into one of their closest artistic consultants and low-pitched gurus.

“Over a years I’ve created with them and for them, and have also offering advice,” says Scott. “I’ve witnessed their success, though as they became some-more and some-more famous, a kind of recommendation we was means to offer to them went out a window, given being that famous and carrying that kind of life isn’t something I’m so informed with,” Scott says with a laugh. “I mean, only try to fathom what their life is like. Just removing your conduct around a appurtenance that large is bonkers.”

Scott collaborated with One Direction on all 5 of their albums, personification a essential partial in fostering a expansion of their sound. “I remember when we did ‘Drag Me Down’ for a boys, we had a unequivocally good feeling about it in terms of it being a cold place for them to go,” he says of the singular from their 2015 album Made in a A.M. “We wanted to shake it adult a bit and cranky these guys over. It was a bit risky, though a tag listened it and desired it and a boys desired it and we went with it.”

Perhaps it was that refinement that led One Direction member Horan to partisan Scott to assistance launch his entrance solo project, a lead singular of that is “This Town,” a tellurian strike now sitting during No. 25 on the Hot 100. The song, a partnership between Scott and Horan as good as writers Mike Needle and Daniel Byer, took an hour to write. “I’d apparently famous Niall for years and we remember that sold event being only honest,” says Scott of what’s a repeated thesis when deliberating his songwriting philosophy. “I’m not into essay good music. It’s never about chasing manuscript cuts or chasing excellent songs. we wish good strain from good artists and for that to happen, there has to be a spin of probity in a event where we feel giveaway to contend things though worrying about anything. Great strain comes out of a room where people trust any other, either it’s a author and operative or author and a writer. Everyone in that room has to be on a same page.” And how does Scott grasp that spin of probity and trust? “Before we even lay down to write, I’ll find myself unresolved out for dual or 3 hours with artists. I’ll even infrequently accommodate adult with them for a coffee before we start. Because a misfortune that could occur is that we come into a studio and you’re not utterly on a same wavelength and we amicably say, ‘There’s no indicate to this.’ That unequivocally occasionally happens, though I’d many rather do that than onslaught with a event where dual people aren’t on a same page.”

It was a identical vibe when Scott found himself during mega-producer Benny Blanco’s New York studio with Ed Sheeran. “I was operative with Benny on a integrate of projects during a time and he had only created and constructed Ed’s second album, so we all were together one night and got out a guitars and started essay a strain for no other reason than to write a song,” says Scott of a lane that’d after spin into “Cold Water” for Bieber. “That was about it really. Five months after we was told Major Lazer was operative on a cut of it with Justin, so that’s only one of those good phone calls we get.” 

Scott has given capitalized on his hit-making abilities by initial Catherine Songs, a edition association formed in a U.K. that boasts clients such as a aforementioned Needle and Byer, as good as singer-songwriter River Bryant, who is also sealed to Scott’s eccentric label, Catherine Records, as an artist. (Scott expelled his many new solo album, 2015’s My Hurricane, by Catherine.) Both edition association and tag are built on a thought of being laid-back avenues to openly create, not strain factories that mindlessly shake out tracks. “I don’t unequivocally have a routine. we can’t lay down and write 365 days a year, it’s not probable for me,” Scott says of his process. “Most of a songs I’ve created that have finished me unapproachable and finished me good are always a many authentic and honest ones. I’d rather do 10 or 15 of those a year, rather write than a strain each day.” Besides Royal Wood, Scott has a accumulation of arriving marks with both domicile names and problematic names, all of that he’s parsimonious lipped about. “There are about 10 or 15 songs entrance out in a subsequent 3 or 4 months that I’m unequivocally vehement for,” he teases. “I never know what I’m authorised to reveal.”

One artist he can brief a beans about, however, is Rag’n’Bone Man, a moniker of British singer-songwriter Rory Graham who’s now rising adult a charts in Europe with a tender folk lane “Human” that is garnering vicious acclaim. A fan of Graham first, Scott sealed on as an executive author of his arriving manuscript set to come out this entrance March. “I met him median by a process,” Scott says of Graham. “I adore his voice, it’s incredible. We started collaborating and satisfied we had something special in a studio, so we wound adult removing involved.” No doubt Scott felt a identical vibes with Graham that he felt with Horan, Blanco, Sheeran, or any of his other collaborators. “When you’re in a studio, as prolonged as everybody can contend accurately what they believe, afterwards you’re fine. Without that moment, it’s too tough to manufacture.”

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