Liam Payne: Are One Direction Fans Set For ‘Babygate’: The Sequel

April 9, 2016 - one direction

Fans of Liam Payne have been scratching their heads in consternation over a final few weeks. It has been widely reported that One Direction star Payne has been dating X-Factor decider Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Liam and Cheryl were initial related by U.K. publication The Sun during a finish of February, and it contingency be said a news caused a lifting of some-more than a few eyebrows. For many One Direction fans, any essay by Dan Wootton The Sun’s conduct of showbiz reporting, is treated with a pinnacle suspicion. The links between The Sun and One Direction’s government group meant that fans yield such stories as wrong until it is proven otherwise.

As formerly reported in a Inquisitr, fans trust that The Sun has been a vital player in a swelling of fake stories and unsubstantiated rumors about Payne and his bandmates. As a result, claims that Liam and Cheryl were an object were treated with suspicion. The fact that Cheryl had usually sealed with One Direction’s government led to most conjecture that their attribute was nonetheless another PR stunt.

Cheryl is now recording a new manuscript and after her final recover bombed, a disbeliever competence be tempted to consider that being related to Liam Payne competence yield a much-needed boost to her career. Of march many of Payne’s fans were also discerning to note that Cheryl is 10-years Liam’s comparison and still married to, yet disloyal from, her French-businessman husband.

Many felt that Payne’s attribute was being stage-managed by Simon Cowell who wanted both Liam and Cheryl as judges on a entrance deteriorate of his unwell X-Factor show. Having both Payne and Cheryl on a judging row would supplement a passionate tragedy to a uncover and deliver a new energetic on a uncover that has been losing viewers for years.

Of march rumors that Liam and Cheryl would both be on a uncover were scotched progressing this week when it was reported in a Daily Mail that Cheryl had quit to combine on her song career. Of march that proclamation is distant from sufficient to stop report about Payne’s relationship.

Today a Mirror claims that Cheryl will be pregnant with Liam’s baby within months. Apparently friends of Liam and Cheryl have claimed that she has changed into Payne’s Calabasas home already and that they are “head-over-heels” in love.

“They are so happy together and conduct over heels. It is really a genuine deal. In fact we wouldn’t be astounded if Cheryl had her initial child with Liam.”

Despite Payne and Cheryl being speckled with any other on countless occasions recently, many fans are still really suspicious, so news of a probable second One Direction baby will be perceived with dismay. Earlier this year Payne’s bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, reportedly became a initial One Direction member to father a child. Tomlinson’s baby story has been so stubborn with debate that is has been dubbed “babygate” by One Direction fans.


A print posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on Mar 2, 2016 during 8:34am PST

The final thing Payne’s fans will wish to see is Liam apropos inextricable in another babygate story. Whatever a law about Tomlinson’s baby, a whole story was a PR disaster from commencement to end. Payne and his pals are, in many respects, a product of a information age. In today’s universe people direct clarity and honesty either that be from cocktail stars like Payne or from politicians. Secrets frequency stay tip and as Liam’s companion Louis has discovered, observant zero usually raises a guess that we have something to hide.

If Cheryl and Liam are in a relationship, and if they do confirm to have a child, fans will wish that Payne has schooled from Tomlinson’s knowledge and deals with things some-more openly. If there is one thing that Payne’s fans will not wish to see it is Liam starring in “babygate: a sequel.”

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