Louis Tomlinson: 10 Totally Untrue Stories About One Direction Star

March 28, 2016 - one direction

Louis Tomlinson is no foreigner to a report columns. Since entrance to inflection with One Direction, Tomlinson and his bandmates have grown used to their each pierce being scrutinized by a media. Of course, some elements in a media are always on a spot for a sniff of liaison about Tomlinson, though no doubt Louis would be gay if a stories had during slightest a pellet of law in them. Sadly for Louis, all too mostly this is not a case.

In a past, a Inquisitr has questioned given some media outlets are so keen to attack Tomlinson. Today, we turn adult some of a feign stories that have circulated in new months.

Many of a fake claims surrounding Tomlinson in new months have centered on his “relationship” with Briana Jungwirth, a mom of Louis’ baby. In December, Life And Style claimed that Louis had “dumped his profound girlfriend” weeks before she was due to give birth. Of course, a law is that Louis and Briana were never in a attribute in a normal clarity of a word to start with. Tomlinson bending adult with Jungwirth while on debate with One Direction, and her pregnancy was a result. All indications are that Louis and Briana might have had small some-more than a “one-night-stand.”

In November, French fan site Fan2 claimed that Tomlinson’s baby mom was featured in a eccentric sex tape. As a result, Louis’ fans trended a hashtag #OhNoBriana on Twitter. National Sun Times reports that the claims re-emerged in February, though conjunction of a tapes indeed featured possibly Louis or Briana.

Around a commencement of a new year, U.K. publication a Sun reported that Tomlinson had been kicked out of a London comedy club. As we have come to expect, a law was something really different. Louis and his friends were indeed in a club, and it appears that one of Tomlinson’s friends was asked to leave after an evidence with staff. Bizarrely, a essay says that Louis followed his friends out of a bar after interlude to poise for photographs. Does that sound like Tomlinson was kicked out?

After a Brit Awards final month, a Daily Mail pragmatic that Louis had upset his former bandmate Zayn Malik after going out merrymaking with Perrie Edwards. They led a essay with a headline “What would Zayn say?” Of course, there was no discuss of a fact that Louis and Perrie were accompanied by other members of Little Mix. Both bands are on Simon Cowell’s label, and a members have been friends for years.

At a finish of January, a Mirror claimed that Tomlinson roughly missed the birth of his son after being kicked out of a smoothness room by Briana’s mother. They explain that Louis had a large quarrel with Briana’s mom and spent many of a time heading adult to a birth outward in his car. According to OK! Magazine, Louis totally denies these claims and says he was with Briana right by her delivery.

In January, Radio One claimed that Tomlinson’s rumored girlfriend Danielle Campbell had warned Louis not to get too tighten to Briana Jungwirth, given she was disturbed that she might remove Tomlinson to his baby mama. It seems that a story originated in Hollywood Life, that substantially tells we all we need to know about a trustworthiness of a claims.

In a months given Louis’ son, Freddie, was born, dual outlets, Life And Style and In Touch, have run countless stories about Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth. The have variously claimed that “Briana thinks she is dating Louis” and that Louis and Briana are “at war” over control arrangements and child support. In Touch even claimed that Louis has “absolutely no seductiveness in being a dad.”

If there is one thing that Tomlinson’s fans know with comprehensive certainty, it is that Louis is kind, generous, and clinging to his family. The claims that Tomlinson does not caring about his possess child is both fake and darned offensive. As reported by a Inquisitr final week, Movie Guide News even claimed that Louis was “neglecting his son,” given he has been speckled in a series of L.A. nightclubs. The law is that underneath a benefaction control arrangements, Louis does not have entrance to his son overnight.

What seems implausible is that all of these fake stories about Tomlinson are from only a final integrate of months. If we were to try to give a outline of each wrong story that has emerged about Louis over a final 5 years, it would take half a lifetime. Is it any consternation that Tomlinson and One Direction have a tough time guileless a press.

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