Louis Tomlinson gives us a idea of when One Direction are removing behind together <3

February 26, 2017 - one direction

We. Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer.

Since One Direction split, we haven’t been a same.

Sure, it’s been a while now, though while we aren’t googling, ‘Are 1D behind together yet’ each dual hours in misled desperation, we really still listen to Up All Night and feel a lifeless pain on a left side of a chest.

So, any news of their interregnum being potentially damaged and a boys being reunited on theatre singing ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’ is GREAT NEWS and we wish to share it distant and wide.

Louis Tomlinson has taken a quick mangle from floating out a candles with his one year aged son Freddie, to plead a interregnum with Rolling Stone.

‘No one knows a answer right now,’ he said. ‘Everyone’s only enjoying a report that’s not as relentless and exploring solo projects.’


When a theme of adversary between a bandmates was brought into question, Louis replied,’People adore to write what they wish to write though there’s no bitterness.’ Oh good.
However, a announcement reported that Louis is not planing anymore solo song anytime soon, after his and Steve Aoki’s banger Just Hold On, that was a reverence to his late mother.

Maybe a remarkable reason in solo balance releasin’, is a certain pointer that he will be reuniting with Harry, Niall and Liam really soon?

Cool, lets go with that.

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