Louis Tomlinson: Is The Battle On For One Direction Star’s Image?

January 10, 2016 - one direction

In new months Louis Tomlinson has been theme of a call of disastrous stories in some sections of a media. One Direction star Louis has been portrayed, as a drunk, a deadbeat father and a sequence womanizer. Louis has also been indicted of creation bad business decisions, of utilizing his band-mates and, roughly unbelievably, Tomlinson has even been indicted of utilizing song noble Simon Cowell. If we swallow a stories in some sections of a gutter press Louis has been thrown out of clubs, hotels and is despised by band-mate Harry Styles.

It is formidable to pinpoint because Tomlinson has clearly turn open rivalry array one. Within a One Direction fandom there are many theories about because a press has incited opposite Louis, though research seems to advise that a sea change occurred after it was announced that Louis was to turn a dad.

Tomlinson’s fans need small reminding of when a U.K. publication a Sun pennyless a news story behind in Jul that settled that a One Directioner had assimilated L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth. Tomlinson’s fans fast identified that a author of a Sun‘s world exclusive was Pete Samson a papers U.S editor. Samson widely quoted an “unnamed source” tighten to One Direction as a source of his information. The fact is that Samson is married to Anne-Marie Samson whose LinkedIn form shows her to be Simon Cowell’s head of PR and his “crisis management” expert.

Mr. Samson’s co-worker during a Sun, Dan Wootton unequivocally stepped adult a anti Tomlinson tongue with his now barbarous article during a finish of October. It was claimed that Louis and Harry couldn’t bear to be in a same room, described Louis as a “little s**t” and laid a censure for One Direction’s stirring interregnum resolutely during Tomlinson’s feet.

In December, a Daily Mail ran a array of articles condemning Tomlinson. It was claimed that Tomlinson “threw a mom of all hissy fits” when he threw his phone opposite a theatre during an speak on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show. It has even been claimed by MTV that Louis’ band-mates didn’t bother to wish Louis good on his birthday.

Through all of this negativity, Louis and his family have confirmed a cool silence. Until now. It seems that a fightback over Tomlinson’s open design might be beginning. Earlier this week it was reported by a Inquisitr that Tomlinson’s mother, Johannah Deakin, pennyless her overpower about a negativity in a array of Twitter comments that highlighted a smashing low-key gift work that Louis does.

Tomlinson’s mom suggested that Louis isn’t usually an envoy for children’s charities. Not usually does Louis entice ill kids to his shows, he spends time with them and even researches what a children like so that he can leave small gifts for them. Mrs Deakin also suggested how many Louis family is harm by a negativity.

Back in early Dec Tomlinson common a design on Twitter that simply pronounced “Fly high buddy.” The design shows small Harvey who has sadly upheld away. Harvey’s mom took to Facebook final night to regard Louis after she had seen a story on Yahoo! Celebrity about Louis leaving a microphone on a small boys hotel room bed.

In her Facebook post Sarah Hext suggested a abyss of Tomlinson’s affability to her family.

“Louis gave us a possibility to stay in a many pleasing hotels in London and knowledge a 1D unison with Harvey- something he desired (and took his microphone too) they also sent us to Disneyland Paris- Disney was Harvey’s favorite place. We attended a Cinderella round and Harvey was in his component wearing his Tux that night. Even after Harvey fell defunct Louis has continued to provide us to practice that we could usually dream of and that’s so critical for Olivia and Spencer. We adore we Louis and we know your Mum is so unapproachable of you.”

[Image Via Facebook]

Louis’ mom responded to Sarah Hext’s Facebook post and her response would move a rip to a potion eye. Johannah explains that a crony asked Louis who was in a chatter sketch he simply replied “he’s a special small dude that has stole a lot of people’s hearts!”

Louis also told his crony that he was “loving it that 21 million people will see that good pic of Harvey” after he common it on Twitter.

If we indispensable any acknowledgment that Louis Tomlinson has a heart a distance of a world good there it is.

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