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January 28, 2018 - one direction

One Direction might be on a hiatus, though a singers will perpetually be related for one critical reason: their tattoos.

While some of a rope members — stream and former comparison — have copiousness of physique ink (Zayn, we’re lookin’ during you), there’s one tattoo that carries a special definition for all of them. Back in 2012, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne all got matching screw tattoos on their ankles. Now, in a new talk with Ask Anything Chat, Louis is looking behind and reflecting on that mystic ink.

The singer-songwriter suggested that it was a screw tattoo that done him tumble in adore with adding some-more and some-more ink to his body. “We motionless — good many of us indeed solely for Niall — as a rope to get these small ones on a ankle,” he explained. “And afterwards we suspect we only started removing addicted.” (Of course, Niall eventually assimilated a ink club…on live TV, to boot.)

Louis formerly told Teen Vogue that not many of his tattoos have specific meanings, observant that he “just likes to demeanour during them.” He also said: “I started with a stupid hang man. And afterwards we like skateboarding, so that’s since we got that one. This ‘Oops’ is since we didn’t like this line here, so we was like, ‘Oops!’ we adore tea, and that’s a compass indicating to home.”

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