Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Insidiously Branded A Womanizer

March 30, 2016 - one direction

At times, a universe contingency seem a really bizarre place for Louis Tomlinson. Not usually does One Direction star Louis live his life in a glisten of a media spotlight, it seems that Tomlinson is theme to stories that bear no aptitude to genuine life on a daily basis. Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported on 10 stories about Louis from a last few months that valid to be totally untrue. Before Tomlinson’s former bandmate Zayn Malik quit One Direction in Mar final year, he was embellished as a band’s bad boy, though it seems that Louis is now being expel in that role.

In new months, we have seen Tomlinson indicted of transfer his profound partner weeks before she was due to give birth. Louis was also indicted of shopping inexpensive self-assembly chair and withdrawal Briana Jungwirth to arrange it by herself while he was off merrymaking with Danielle Campbell. Of course, a stories were finish rubbish, possibly ill-founded rumors or in some cases officious lies that many feel were designed to harm Tomlinson’s reputation.

Many One Direction fans onslaught to know what Tomlinson has finished to merit a diagnosis he receives from some elements in a media. In Louis, they see a kind, thoughtful, and inexhaustible immature male who adores his family and who is impossibly inexhaustible in time and income to a countless charities he is endangered with.

Back in Jan Sarah Hext, a crony of Louis’ mother, Johannah Deakin, exclusively told The Inquisitr that, when Tomlinson has a “bad press day,” he turns to his mother and says “come on mum, let’s make someone happy today.” Tomlinson’s means of coping with unkindness towards him is to make someone else happy. What does that tell we about Tomlinson’s heart? In what contingency be a ultimate irony, Tomlinson contingency have been creation a lot of people happy in a final few months.

Take yesterday’s press as an example. The Mirror reported that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has banned Liam Payne from partying with Louis while they are in L.A. recording her album. They explain that Cheryl is endangered that, if Louis and Liam are speckled merrymaking together and are seen articulate to girls, rumors will emerge that Liam is intrigue on her. As astray as it might seem, Cheryl substantially has a point; some elements in a press like zero improved than to news a sniff of scandal.

What is many some-more guileful is what Unreality TV did with a story. They led with a title “does Cheryl hatred One Direction charlatan Louis Tomlinson?” They afterwards went on to code Tomlinson as a womanizer.

“Louis has gained utterly a repute for himself in a final year, ever given he separate from Eleanor Calder.

“He’s seen as utterly a womanizer and that’s not an change Cheryl wants in her boyfriends’ life.”

Lets demeanour during a few contribution about Tomlinson. Since Louis separate with Eleanor Calder over a year ago, he has been related with a grand sum of 3 women. After bursting with Calder, Louis clearly had some arrange of attribute with Briana Jungwirth, as she gimlet him a son.

Since early December, Louis has been strongly related with Originals singer Danielle Campbell. After a Brit Awards final month, Louis common a cab to an after celebration with Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards and some of her friends. Only in a universe of One Direction does pity a cab with someone count as a relationship.

Tomlinson is a 24-year-old male who has had one singular attribute and one brief hurl in over 12-months. How on Earth does that meant that Tomlinson is a womanizer and a cheat? For integrity sake, for many 24-year-olds a week-long attribute represents a long-term commitment.

Australian News Network chip in with another bizarre headline when they explain that “Louis Tomlinson’s partner Danielle Campbell is prepared to be Freddie’s Mom.” All this on a basement of a sketch that appears to uncover Danielle walking beside Louis as he carries Freddie in a automobile seat. That is utterly a jump right there. Mind you, a design does seem to display another distortion about Louis. Many outlets have reported recently that Jungwirth has criminialized Louis from introducing Freddie to Danielle.

As we can see from a picture of Louis and Danielle above, it seems to have been shot from behind some bushes. Can we even start to suppose how Louis Tomlinson contingency feel meaningful that, each time he stairs out of his house, there might be someone stealing in a underbrush prepared to take his photograph? This is a kind of penetration that Tomlinson has to understanding with each day of his life.

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