Louis Tomlinson Says His Solo Music Is ‘More Honest’ Than One Direction Songs

August 1, 2017 - one direction

Louis Tomlinson is opening adult about his new song compared to his songs with One Direction!

The 25-year-old thespian spilled while interlude by Music Choice on Tuesday (July 31) in New York City.

“The essay routine indeed was easier for me…because we know we kinda only write about me and be really honest and really open…I meant when we wrote for One Direction we had to write a judgment that matches for a 4 boys and to listeners as well,” Louis explained.

He added, “Nice to only to be means to totally open up…it is some-more vigour since it is only my decisions, apparently we take opinions from other people…It is exciting…I like to be a as honest as probable in interviews and things like that and we am only try to put that into my song as most as possible. Very honest –you will learn a small bit some-more about me after this album.”

Also pictured: Louis stopping by a Z100 studios that same morning.

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