Louis Tomlinson: Why Did One Direction Star Draw So Much Negativity?

March 1, 2016 - one direction

It is tough work being a Louis Tomlinson fan. Fans of One Direction star Louis are subjected to an roughly everlasting waves of negativity. It is a singular day when Tomlinson is not a theme of a story or dual that possibly directly or secretly attacks him for something or other. Louis is altruistic, generous, and amatory to his family and fans, and nonetheless a good that Tomlinson does is frequency suspicion estimable of mention. Instead, some sections of a publication press seem to pleasure in deleterious Tomlinson’s reputation. Things have reached a theatre where Tomlinson’s fans have come to mistrust roughly anything created about a 24-year-old star.

The negativity surrounding Tomlinson is not a new thing yet it does seem to have collected gait given final spring. The latest anti-Louis assault seems to have begun after a Sun announced that Tomlinson was to spin a father final July. Since then, countless outlets have seen fit to report, mostly with marvellous headlines on roughly anything that can be construed in a disastrous way, while his good deeds go mostly unreported.

Tomlinson is a enthusiast of a series of charities and is intensely inexhaustible with both his income and his time in support of those charities. Yet, anticipating a story praising Tomlinson can be a challenge. If we hunt diligently, we will find some certain stories about Tomlinson, yet we will have to wade by a waves of negativity to unearth a peculiar golden nugget.

At present, most of a stating per Louis focuses on a birth of Freddie Tomlinson in one approach or another. The Daily Mail and many others have been stating that Tomlinson competence be about to embark on a control battle over his spin of entrance to his son.

The concentration of a story claims that Briana Jungwirth and her family are perplexing to retard Louis from saying Freddie unless he pays some-more in child support. Claims are also done that Louis’ rumored girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, is also a stumbling block. TMZ claims that Briana insists that Louis does not deliver Danielle to Freddie for fear of deleterious a “bonding process.” They have also claimed that Briana wants some-more from Louis in terms of child support.

It has been widely reported including by Yahoo! News that Louis has already bought and furnished a residence for Jungwirth and his son. Tomlinson has also concluded to compensate $15,000 a month in child support, yet it is rumored that Briana’s family wish $60,000 a month. Most people would determine that Tomlinson is already being some-more than generous, yet a account in some sections of a media seems to be an ongoing one.

When Tomlinson was initial reported to be dating Campbell, we saw countless reports that claimed Louis had ditched his profound partner and run off with an actress. Whilst many of Tomlinson’s fans trust Louis attribute with Campbell is a PR stunt, we never see a story about a dual that does not enclose a information that “Louis recently became a father” with another woman. The import is a transparent one: Louis is embellished as a deadbeat dad. The claims that Jungwirth wants some-more income furthers a negativity by claiming that Tomlinson is “holding out.”

The disastrous stating on Louis unequivocally began to accumulate gait after Dan Wootton’s essay in a Sun during a end of October. Wootton portrayed Louis as manipulative and egotistical, and claimed that Tomlinson and Harry Styles could not bear to be in a same room. Blame for One Direction’s stirring interregnum was laid precisely during Tomlinson’s feet.

The negativity around Tomlinson is easy to find — it is some-more formidable to find out because it is thus. Louis fans have their theories, of course. Many of Tomlinson’s fans pull parallels between Louis and Steve Brookstein, who was a initial ever X-Factor winner. In his book, Getting Over The X, Brookstein claims that Simon Cowell and a Sun wanted to run a feign story that he was removing married and that Cowell was behind a press debate to hurt him after he refused to go along with a plans.

Tomlinson’s fans trust a identical fight is being waged opposite Louis and for identical reasons. It is easy to see because Louis fans competence trust this claim. As was formerly reported in Inquisitr, many of a negative stories about Louis issue in a Sun, a Daily Mail, or in magazines owned by Bauer Media. That essay shows that Simon Cowell and One Direction’s government are closely connected with all of these sources. Why afterwards do those outlets so mostly seem to wish to repairs Tomlinson?

Fans make a reasonable arrogance that One Direction’s government possibly spin a blind eye to deleterious stories about Tomlinson or that they indeed cooperate in those stories. Yet it seems that Cowell is penetrating to pointer Tomlinson adult to try to save a clearly depot decrease of X-Factor. Cowell is also presumably behind Louis environment adult his possess record tag as a auxiliary of Sony/Syco.

Why do a group as absolute as One Direction’s government destroy to support Tomlinson and his bandmates with certain stories to negate a negative? Many of Louis fans trust that Tomlinson and a rest of One Direction are expected to follow Harry Styles lead by seeking new member once their stream contracts expire. If that were a box it would be understandable, yet unprofessional, for their stream group to be reduction than eager in their support for vacating clients.

Yet, if Tomlinson does pointer adult for X-Factor, Cowell will still have some lean over his career and there will be a couple by Louis record company. If Cowell sees Tomlinson as a base to saving his TV show, because does he destroy to strengthen his esteem asset?

It is, of course, probably unfit to answer those questions with any grade of certainty. It competence be that Tomlinson’s group are calm to lay behind and let people contend and write what they greatfully about Louis on a basement that all broadside is good publicity.

What do we consider about a approach Louis Tomlinson is portrayed? Let us know below.

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