Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriends — Does The One Direction Star Have A Type?

March 29, 2016 - one direction

In a final dual weeks, new cinema have emerged of Louis Tomlinson’s partner Danielle Campbell strolling with Louis’ mom Johannah and stepfather Dan. Rumor has it that Louis and his new adore are removing unequivocally critical indeed — Unreality TV thinks a dual may be engaged.

Louis has been related to a accumulation of sultry-looking brunettes and a integrate of blondes in his time, not to discuss a series of poser girls, such as a 3 lovers he was rumored to be sophistry final year, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“Despite carrying a baby with Briana, Louis is still sophistry during slightest 3 other girls right now. He’s unequivocally enjoying a singular life right now and has no skeleton on settling down anytime soon…Unfortunately a other girls he had been ‘dating’ are unequivocally sceptical and dissapoint about a baby news…All of them were anticipating to be a one to finally land Louis.”

There was also a Mystery Sorority Girl, rumored to have bending adult with Louis in Feb final year, according to this report by Teen.com, and Lucy Julian, who rocked Twitter when she was photographed kissing Louis in a pool in Thailand while he was dating someone else.

Louis cheated on Eleanor [Calder] with a Cali sorority girl.

Last year was a bustling year for Louis — he was photographed holding hands with rumored hurl and BDSM slip engineer Tamara Bell during Glastonbury, reportedly job her a “great beauty” to his friends. And let’s not forget this “rare Louis groupie story” from a early days of One Direction, that lives on in a pages of Tumblr interjection to a efforts of a “small though devoted” common of 1D fans who swear it is 100% true!

Louis groupie stories are substantially so singular given a Doncaster heartthrob has spent so most time in long-term relationships. But does Louis have a type? Let’s see.

  1. Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker was Louis’ initial critical partner from his hometown, Doncaster. She was, famously, a one who speedy Louis to try-out for the X Factor a year Simon Cowell and co put One Direction together. The rest was history!

Hannah seemed to consider Louis altered a lot after he became famous (not indispensably in a bad way.) She was quoted saying,

“‘When we demeanour during him on a radio now we know him as dual opposite people – one is a child from Doncaster, and a other is Louis from One Direction.”

Hannah was also a good sport, sending her apologies to Eleanor Calder after One Direction fans started a campaign to reunite Hannah and Louis, while Eleanor was dating Louis! The blonde upheld her summary to Eleanor by Liam Payne’s partner during a time, Danielle.

“I felt terrible so we sent a content to Liam’s partner Danielle observant to tell Eleanor that I’m contemptible if I’ve annoyed her. we didn’t wish to demeanour like an immorality ex-girlfriend.”

Hannah is still active on Twitter and has demonstrated that she has a dry and self-effacing clarity of humor, infrequently adjacent on grave and bleak. Chin up, Hannah!

2. Eleanor Calder

Eleanor was Louis’ partner for 4 years. The private brunette was still a tyro when they got together and was dear by many fans, who fill her pleasing Instagram with comments like “queen!” and “We skip you, mom” as good as determinedly tagging Louis Tomlinson in Eleanor’s pictures, starting mini-campaigns to get Louis to demeanour during his poetic ex.

Exploring Austin with @revolve #revolvefestival

A print posted by Eleanor Calder (@eleanorj92) on Mar 12, 2016 during 11:27pm PST

3. Briana Jungwirth

At initial glance, Briana did not seem like Louis’ form — she was some-more of a celebration animal than his other girlfriends, a voluptuous dancer and a blonde California club-hopper. There were a lot of rumors that Briana became a mom of Louis’ son after a one night stand, however a Tomlinson family now insists that a dual were in a critical relationship.

Smitten Briana has inched closer to a Louis partner mold given she became Freddie’s mom — new cinema have emerged display that Briana has painted her hair a dark, chocolatey brown.

4. Danielle Campbell

Louis’ latest critical lady seemed on a stage when his post-Eleanor dating debauch was circuitous down during a finish of final year. A believer of animal rights and Chicago singer with a honeyed grin and mischievous streak, Danielle has wormed her approach into a hearts of many One Direction fans already, as good as winning over Louis’ mom Johannah and even presumably moving Louis to put that rumored “ring on it.” While many cry that a termagant is “using Louis” or ludicrous his courtesy from his son, or that Danielle is feign or a “winter girlfriend,” others conclude that Danielle has been “Louis’ rock” via his transition to fatherhood. It’s also tough to demeanour during cinema like this one and not determine that Danielle is cute/amazing!

Does Louis Tomlinson have good taste?

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