Louis Walsh thinks One Direction are over

July 20, 2016 - one direction

Louis Walsh has oral adult about One Direction again and, only FYI, you’re not going to be doing cartwheels around your residence during his choice of words. 

Having already slammed Louis Tomlinson’s intensity as an X Factor judge and claimed that a boys’ most new manuscript would substantially be their last, he’s now left and announced that a rope are ‘over’. 

Um, do we NEED to remind Louis of the lyrics to ‘History’? Ahem.

Revealing his thoughts about 1D’s destiny on ​Ireland’s Saturday Night With Miriam, Louis said: “Niall Horan was in a right place during a right time, he’s a luckiest man in a universe and he knows that.”

Adding that he’d place good income on a solo-Niall and a solo-Harry career, he continued: “They done an awful lot of income yet it’s over now for them and who’s going to have a solo career. we consider Niall will do unequivocally good and Harry.”

Doesn’t meant they won’t remodel though, eh?

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