Metal thespian who boasted his rope was on standard with One Direction jailed after he neat teenage fans

December 4, 2016 - one direction

A HARDCORE steel thespian has been jailed after he neat a cackle of teenage fans and had sex with one and boasted his rope were on standard with One Direction.

Shane Fielding, 21, lead thespian of The Aspekt, incited immature girls to send him bare snaps of themselves after distinguished adult conversations with them on amicable media.

Shane Fielding

Shane Fielding, pictured, has been jailed after he boasted his rope was bigger than One Direction and neat a series of teenage girls

Preston Crown Court

Fielding was condemned to 38 months seizure during Preston Crown Court

The rocker struck adult a rope with friends and had played a gig during Manchester Academy though done small income from his song and farfetched his success.

Preston Crown Court in Lancastershire, listened a rockstar conned girls by observant his rope ‘was series 12 in a iTunes chart, that would have him on standard with One Direction’.

Fielding had sex with a 14-year-old fan and told her that it ‘wouldn’t be rape’ if she consented and he claimed he knew that since he had a GCSE in Law.

He also stranded his palm down his trousers of another womanlike fan, aged 13, and hugged and kissed another fan, 14, after promulgation her cinema of his penis.

The thespian met a 14-year-old in Aug 2014 and told her he was 17, dual years younger than he was, before they went bowling and had sex behind during his house.

Prosecutor, David Lees, said: “They messaged any other adult to 30 times a day and discussed assembly adult to have sex.

“She seemed to consider they were in a relationship.”

Mr Lees added: “When a lady mentioned his age, he (Fielding) swayed her that it would not be rape as she consented to sex – alleging he knew this since he had a GCSE in Law.”

But Fielding’s lies surrounded his rapacious standing to make his victims trust he was in a bigger rope than he was.

Nicola Gatto, defending, said: “The suspect (Fielding) had turn concerned in a rope with a integrate of friends and they had played during a Manchester Academy.

“But he had not done poignant income from his song and he had farfetched his success to his victims.

“At one theatre he told how he was series 12 in a iTunes chart, that would have him on standard with One Direction, and that’s clearly not a case.”

One fan suspicion Fielding would turn ‘famous’ and forget that she existed and a thespian was usually rumbled after her father found insinuate photos.

Mr Lees said: “At one indicate a lady attempted to mangle off contact, she felt he would go off her when he found fame.”

“When a lady mentioned his age, he (Fielding) swayed her that it would not be rape is she consented to sex – alleging he knew this since he had a GCSE in Law.”

Prosecutor David Lees

The justice listened that between Aug and Nov 2015, he was also concerned with another 14-year-old lady after being introduced during a party.

The lady and Fielding exchanged messages and he sent her a design of his penis, seeking her to send him photographs of her breasts.

The span afterwards met in Bolton city centre in Greater Manchester and he put her palm down her trousers before she pulled divided and went home.

Mr Lees pronounced a lady after told military she felt ‘belittled and scared’ by a experience.

Fielding, of Breightmet, nearby Bolton, pleaded guilty to causing and inciting a child to rivet in passionate activity, penetrative passionate activity with a child and passionate grooming.

He also certified inciting passionate activity and passionate activity with a child in propinquity to a 15-year-old lady whom he began messaging in May 2015 on Facebook.

Sentencing Fielding to 38 months in prison, Judge Graeme Smith, said: “The corruption are quite critical since he knew a age of a girls, we lied about your possess age to some-more than one of your victims.

“I do not, and we should not, blink a outcome on them (effects) in a prolonged term.”

Fielding was placed on a sex offenders’ register for life and will be theme to a passionate mistreat impediment sequence for 10 years.

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