Niall Horan has a new band! GOODBYE to One Direction then? Louis Tomlinson too?

June 4, 2016 - one direction

This week, One Direction rope friends Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have been gearing adult for a large Soccer Aid match, and as they’re on hostile teams, their adversary and chaff has seen them carrying jaunty digs during any other…

And it’s transparent a lads have been enjoying any notation of training for a match, carrying spent time not usually with any other, though with a organisation of celeb pals too. However, as we reported progressing this week, when we put a bucket of unruly blokes together in one place, pranks will fundamentally ensue.

But of course, Louis and Niall have been means to persevere so many time and appetite to Soccer Aid since One Direction are on their supposed ‘extended hiatus’ right now, that could final as prolonged as dual years…

Or it could in fact come that One Direction don’t reunite during all, though obviously, usually time will tell.

However, as we reported recently, Niall confessed that he’s amatory carrying time off, and that Louis is too.

So if One Direction don’t reform, what’s subsequent for a singers?

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Well, as his fans know, Harry Styles is now filming his purpose in wartime movie, Dunkirk, and if his behaving entrance is good received, he could confirm that an actor’s life is for him…

Liam Payne duration is believed to be spending many of his time with his girlfriend, former X Factor decider Cheryl, while also experimenting with song production.

But would Louis ever spin footie pro if he didn’t lapse to singing?

Of that, he told a Daily Star, “I like to play [football] though it doesn’t meant I’m a good actor does it?”

He jokingly added, “Would we do it professionally? we mean, we know I’m on a dole, though no.”

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However, Niall might good have confirmed, around comedian John Bishop, that he’s pronounced goodbye to One Direction perpetually by fasten a new child band!

We’re creation adult a 1 Lad 2 Dads T-shirts as we speak…

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