Niall Horan’s Stylist on Dressing for a 2017 AMAs, How His Look Has ‘Evolved’ Since One Direction

November 21, 2017 - one direction

“He likes classics with a turn and is meddlesome in how good things are made,” says Ellie Stidolph.

Since distinguished out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal song and character has grown severely — something he valid Sunday night at a 2017 American Music Awards in his hastily Paul Smith navy and grey mottled suit. Aside from winning a new artist of a year honor, Horan stepped adult his conform diversion in mixed stylish looks. To give a improved bargain of how a singer-songwriter’s sense of character has progressed over a years and a instruction it’s going in a future, Billboard got a inside dip vocalization with a star’s stylist, Ellie Stidolph.

“I consider Niall’s character has developed naturally as he got older,” she said. “He likes classics with a turn and is meddlesome in how good things are made. It’s been fun operative on bespoke pieces with some of a favorite British brands like Percival, Folk and Oliver Spencer. Music and conform go palm in palm and Niall’s character reflects a authentic, personal inlet of his music.”

From a infrequent white T-shirts and sneakers he used to wear with his former bandmates, it’s transparent his character has turn some-more sophisticated. “Since 2015, it’s turn a tradition to do a fit for a red carpet,” Stidolph said of Horan’s AMAs outfits. “I consider it’s a good event to showcase how good Niall looks in sharp tailoring. He indeed mostly says he would wear a fit bland if he could.”

However, as we saw in a black henley he wore for his opening of “Slow Hands” during a show, Horan is also after comfort when it comes to his attire, generally on a road. “He’s flattering low-key for tour,” continued Stidolph. “We had fun selling for selected T-shirts together in L.A. and I’m perpetually scouring eBay for them. I’ve bought a lot of Eagles tees during 2 a.m. and afterwards forgot about them until they’re delivered. A good T-shirt, span of jeans, along with R M Williams boots and Niall’s a happy male onstage.”

No matter how most his habit changes as time goes by, there’s one thing a thespian will never get sleepy of: accessories. Though Horan typically usually wears hats when he performs, Stidolph reliable his eye for accessories is usually growing. “Niall enjoys building on his look,” she mentioned. “My proceed for accessories, in general, is to let him build. we move singular options to shoots all a time. You see, we adore collecting articles of wardrobe on my travels and Niall is a same.”

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