OK Go Filmed a Zero Gravity Music Video That Put One Direction’s NASA Clip to Shame

February 11, 2016 - one direction

One Direction set a bar flattering high with their filmed-at-NASA “Drag Me Down” song video, though OK Go‘s lifted it even further.

The choice stone organisation expelled their new, 0 sobriety song video for “Upside Down Inside Out” Thursday around Facebook, and this foursome took full advantage of their outdoor space-esque environment. (To be fair, 1D was only operative in partial sobriety conditions, so distinct OK Go, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne did, indeed, have a little bit of sobriety boring them down.)

This shave facilities OK Go rope members Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka and Andy Ross putting their delicately choreographed moves to a test—and though a assistance of any special effects!

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“What we are about to see is real,” reads a disclaimer during a start of a video. “We shot this in 0 gravity, in an tangible plane, in a sky. There are no wires or immature screen.”

The guys do flips, rebound off a walls and have all kinds of fun with disco balls and paint. They even hired dual aerialist acrobats to dress adult as moody attendants for a clip. According to a FAQ territory on OK Go’s website, a video “took months [to] devise and set up,” though a rope members “were indeed on site nearby a Cosmanaut Training Center in Russia for 3 weeks.” During that time they did 21 flights and gifted a sum of about dual hours and fifteen mins in weightlessness. The ran by a slight 8 times over 8 flights, though a final product was all from one take*.

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“Yes, it’s all one continual take, though there’s a garland of time removed,” a rope explained on their website. “Again, a longest widen of 0 sobriety we can get is about 27 seconds, and afterwards it takes 5 mins to reset to do it again. We wanted a whole video to take place in weightlessness, so we designed a slight in 27 second chunks, scenes that start and finish right during a moments sobriety is going and entrance back. After we filmed a scene, when sobriety returned, we stayed as still as we could for a 5 mins of a craft climbing, and afterwards began a subsequent stage as shortly as we were easy again. When we were done, we chose a best take and cut out all of a prolonged reset periods, so a slight is continual and feels seamless.”

We’ll buy it. Job good done, fellas.

On another note, watch a video next to find out about a newest member of a 1D family.

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