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November 19, 2017 - one direction

K-pop supergroup BTS has been holding over a universe with their familiar AF songs we can’t assistance though dance along to. The guys are set to perform during a American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 19 and forward of their U.S. awards uncover opening debut, a organisation has seemed on a few late night speak shows, like Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late Show with James Corden. Naturally, both hosts were vehement to have a rope stop by and both referred to BTS as a biggest and many renouned rope in a world.

And obviously, this was so extraordinary for a BTS Army to see. Their fans are super constant and know a guys are on their approach to superstardom.

The organisation is super renouned right now, on their approach to being famous and dear all over a universe like another child rope that’s entrance to mind: One Direction. But during first, 1D fans weren’t all that happy to see BTS being called a biggest rope in a world, given this is a pretension they still feel belongs to a guys of One Direction, notwithstanding a fact that a rope is on a interregnum and any thespian is posterior a solo career during a moment. Soon after, #1DisStillTheBiggestBoyband started trending on Twitter.

While some fans might have started debating with one another, a hashtag shortly took a certain spin and fans realized, hey, there is no competition! Everyone can be successful and there’s no need to hatred on any other fandom: both One Direction and BTS have a many loyal, understanding fans, they make opposite forms of song anyway, and it’s totally OK to be fans of both. So because can’t we all only get along?

So while 1D was a HUGE tellurian materialisation that combined a truly special impulse in new song history, BTS is out here figure their own, mega-successful trail too. It’s another organisation of cute, gifted guys who are creation good song and they’re out here already slaying so everybody should be vehement to see what’s subsequent for BTS. One Direction will perpetually be dear and whenever they confirm to reunite after their hiatus, their fans will be prepared to gladly acquire them back. If anything this Twitter conditions has taught us nonetheless again, it’s that no force is stronger than that of a child band’s fans.


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