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December 18, 2017 - one direction

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Donut swaps behaving for directing.

Manatsanun Phanlerdwongsakul (Donut) is substantially best famous as an actress.  But these days she’s some-more expected to be found directing a movement from behind a camera. And she’s building an considerable physique of work. She has finished song videos, a underline film Love Sucks and a tribute documentary to His Majesty a late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, The Journey: Banthuek Thang Gai Thueng Por.

Her many new work as director and producer is Channel 3’s TV play Duean Pra Dup Dao (Moon and Star). The uncover has had a bit of a troubled run. Lead actor Bomb Tanin was criticised for his wooden performance. And afterwards a organisation quit over artistic differences with a director. But notwithstanding all of these issues, Moon and Star, a play about twins switching places, managed to finish a run.

S Weekly met adult with Donut during Channel 3 where she told us about directing and her latest drama.

You complicated digital film during New York Film Academy. Was that useful as a director?

Donut: Yes. It helped me to know a filmmaking process. But operative on set is a usually approach to request that to a genuine situation. we also schooled from my mistakes.

Was it formidable creation a change from an indie film to something some-more mainstream?

Donut: Well, we don’t consider Love Sucks is an indie film. It has a common theme. But with Moon and Star, we realised that we was operative for a mainstream channel whose viewers design entertainment. So we motionless to adjust a book from a novel and make it up-to-date. we had fun operative on it.

Do we always have fun during work?

Donut: No, not each day. we have some-more fun in post-production. Whenever you’re on set, you’re perplexing to solve problems.

Are we some-more of a director or a producer?

Donut: My association is small, so we have to do many roles. On set, I’m a director. My partner is in assign of handling everything. we leave it with her. But if we notice something wrong, we have to repair it. we wish everybody to feel gentle during work.

What was a many severe thing about creation Moon and Star?

Donut: Getting Bomb Tanin right for a partial was utterly challenging. But he had a good attitude. He schooled and used a lot and, in a end, he improved. we consider he is some-more engaging than a good actor who doesn’t caring about improvement.

Were any scenes quite difficult?

Donut: It was generally a technical things that was difficult, generally a scenes where we had to see a twins together. Also, we had to figure out how Preem Ranida could play a twins’ personalities differently.

What was it like to work with Preem?

Donut: Great. She is a really gifted actress. She can hoop pressure good and isn’t fearful of operative with anybody.

How have your operative habits changed?

Donut: I’m reduction fussy than we used to be. [Laughs.] we try to not to protest as most since now we know what it’s like to be a director.

You’re still doing occasional behaving roles. Why?

Donut: It’s like holding a break. It helps me to stay sane. When we direct, we have to know each fact about a drama. But as an actress, I’m happy to know usually my part.

You had a guest coming on a sit-com Bo Ri Sat Ha Mai Jam Gat (Unlimited Joke Company). How did it go?

Donut: Comedian Kom Chauncheun asked me to seem on a show. It was fun to try something different. But we realised that we wasn’t good during comedy. I’m not that funny.

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