One Direction Could Reunite Without Every Member But It ‘Wouldn’t Be a Same,’ Simon Cowell Says

August 5, 2017 - one direction

The organisation of One Direction competence have usually recently splintered off into their possess solo careers, though Simon Cowell pronounced he’s always “in” for any intensity reunion projects in a future.

“I always consider of them as in a band, to be honest with you,” Cowell told The Sun‘s Dan Wootton on his podcast Bizarre Life with Dan Wootton. “I consider it’s fun being out there on your own, though what we hope’s going to occur is that they remember how most fun it was being in a group. … There’s zero to stop them, if they wish to, to get together for a tour, for an album. And we done it positively clear, obviously, we’re in.”

Cowell also remarkable he still sees 1D as including Zayn Malik, who left a organisation in 2015, even editing Wootton by observant “five of them” when a host referred to One Direction as “all 4 of them.”

“He did leave,” The X Factor decider said, referring to Malik, but he could “a hundred percent” come back.

When Wootton asked if One Direction could re-form if Harry Styles were to theoretically leave a group, Cowell responded in a identical vein, observant that usually like when Malik left, “you could [re-form One Direction], though it wouldn’t be a same.”

“I remember seeking a 4 boys [when Malik left], ‘Well, how do we feel?'” he recalled. “‘Well, it’s not going to be a same, though we’ll do it,’ [they said]. And it worked.”

Cowell also combined that while he thinks it would be a “shame if one of them doesn’t wish to” reunite, it should usually occur “for a right reasons.”

“I consider everyone’s got to pointer adult for it,” he said. “It’s not something you’ve got to do for a rest of your life, though we could come back, do it for a while.”

Listen to a full talk below:

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