One Direction Disses Zayn Malik With Throwback Thursday Post?: Fans Freak

August 20, 2015 - one direction

Did One Direction get a small untrustworthy during Throwback Thursday? The child rope superstars attempted to play a diversion for #tbt, yet finished adult dissing Zayn Malik. Oh, we know that caused Directioners to weird out!

The foresee for this Throwback Thursday calls for some shade! Get ready, because One Direction competence have dissed Zayn Malik, 22, with a pointed poke on Twitter. Though it seems that Harry Styles, 21, Louis Tomlinson, 23, Liam Payne, 21, and Niall Horan, 21, were carrying a bit of submissive fun, some fans suspicion they were slamming their former bandmate.

How fun! One Direction wanted to play a guessing diversion on Aug. 20. They posted a becloud design from one of their many song videos on Twitter, asking, “Who can theory that video this is?” For a answer, click HERE. While some fans attempted to indeed theory a video, others wondered because 1D motionless to stand Zayn out of a shot.

Uh-oh. Yes, a design One Direction posted usually featured Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall, even yet it was taken from a video when Zayn was still in a band. While Zayn is no longer a partial of a group, some Directioners wondered because 1D was perplexing to rewrite history.

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Some were shocked, observant “omg we cut zayn,” while others asked because 1D suspicion it was “right to stand [the] photo.” Some fans accused a rope of sanctimonious Zayn was never a member, while others dissed a rope right back, job it a “Zayn Malik video featuring One Direction.” Yikes!

Of course, maybe Zayn is happy to not be compared with his aged band. There seems to still be some bad blood over a break. While Zayn and Calvin Harris were going behind and onward during their Twitter feud, Louis motionless to burst in and take Calvin’s side! Yikes! Hopefully for subsequent #tbt, a boys can chuck things back to when they were all friends.

What do we consider about this, HollywoodLifers? Did One Direction diss Zayn by gathering him out of a image? Or were they only perplexing to play a submissive diversion with their fans?

— Jason Brow