One Direction fans’ best #OhNoNiall tweets after Louis Tomlinson posts THAT Niall Horan pic!

May 30, 2016 - one direction

In a early hours of this morning, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson went online to post a picture above of his rope partner Niall Horan, call a group’s fans to trend a crush tab #OhNoNiall on Twitter.

We have some of a best tweets for we below, though behind to Louis, and his post of Niall on Instagram, it’s positively given One Direction fans a giggle during a hapless expression on a Irish singer’s face as his sketch was taken.

Louis didn’t heading a image, though among comments about it is one that reads, “Remember guys when @harrystyles posted a print of Niall good in xfactor?! story is repeating.”

Another fan wrote, “Hahah Lou stop it Poor Niaalll.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, one Niall fan commented, “When Nialler come online and find that his fandom is trending #OhNoNiall again and again…”

Another One Direction fan tweeted, “It’s humorous how a #ohnoniall is a repeated thing in this fandom it’s like no matter what time of a year it is Louis comes behind with it.”

#ohnoniall one instruction niall horan

And that is of march true, since over a years, a crush tab #OhNoNiall has lonesome a series of subject relating to Niall, and charmingly, it’s always something funny…

But there, Niall is all about humour and carrying a good time, that is what done his new play with a organisation of ‘fans’ so most some-more distressing.

Take a demeanour during what he had to contend about that on his Twitter account…

one instruction niall horan twitter

How definitely intolerable and unsatisfactory that people who call themselves One Direction fans would do such a thing.

Obviously, a fans a One Direction lads adore are a ones who are simply a understanding and accessible fandom, so as ever, it’s a good contrition that a few bad apples can hurt things for everybody else.

But anyway, behind to a happier subject of today’s #OhNoNiall Twitter trend, and as betrothed above, here are some of a best tweets…

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