One Direction: Harry Styles has a HANDSOME new super fan that will warn you!

August 31, 2016 - one direction

Cillian Murphy has been singing a praises of his Dunkirk co-star Harry Styles in a new interview.

The Peaky Blinders actor worked with a One Direction thespian while filming for a WWII film over a past few months. Together they trafficked from France to a Netherlands and lastly to England, as they worked by Christopher Nolan’s chronological adventure.

The lads were assimilated in a all-star expel by Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance and usually wrapped their scenes final month.

Harry is sincerely new to a whole behaving whim and many people have pragmatic that he usually landed a gig since of his immature and dedicated fan base. His tellurian celebrity will no doubt be a large pull and fill cinemas worldwide.

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Murphy told Radio Times repository that Styles is unequivocally gifted yet and that his ability was what landed him a gig in a end. He said: “Harry Styles is great.

“I had unequivocally few scenes with Harry though we got to hang out and I’ve got to contend he’s a great, good kid, and really, unequivocally funny.

“Above all, Chris knows talent and would have expel Harry for a reason.

“There’s a prolonged story of musicians relocating over into behaving and we come from that universe myself,” Murphy, who creatively wanted to pursue a career in music, said.

“So I’m certain he’ll be superb in a role. we trust Chris practically in that.”

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Dunkirk is approaching to strike theatres early subsequent year. In it Harry plays a immature soldier, held adult in World War Two.

He has certified that he enjoyed filming so much, he’s penetrating to try other film options. It’s not good news for One Direction fans who were anticipating he would be behind in a overlay earlier rather than later.

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