One Direction Helps Young Fan With Cerebral Palsy

January 25, 2018 - one direction

CHATSWORTH, GA — Like many 9-year-old girls, Rylee Sanford loves British child rope One Direction. Unlike most, she lives with a singular mind condition that causes her to have intelligent palsy, withdrawal her incompetent to pronounce all though a few words.

When her family went looking for some assistance in caring for Rylee, whose condition has her in a medical stroller, those dual contribution came together in a large way. After word got out that she was a fan, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson donated $10,000 to assistance caring for Rylee and his former bandmate, Zayn Malik, common her story on Twitter to his whopping 26.4 million followers.

“Rylee was so vehement when Zayn tweeted her page and Louis donated,” pronounced her mom, Lisa Sanders. “We are intensely beholden for them and a donors that have donated.”

So far, the fundraiser on a website YouCaring has lifted $13,295 of a family’s $15,000 goal.

With a money, Rylee’s family hopes to make modifications to their home in Chatsworth, Ga., that is in northwest Georgia not distant from a Tennessee state line. Those would embody a walk-in shower, widened doorways and a ramp onto their porch.

“Having a home modifications will make a lives so many easier,” Lisa Sanders said. “We have to lift her in and out of a automobile and lift her wherever she wants to go. The renovations will give Rylee some-more leisure to go where she wants.”

They are also anticipating to be means to means stem-cell treatments, many of that they contend their word will not cover.

Rylee lives with a condition called shared close-lipped schizencephaly. That’s a singular birth forsake that causes slits, or clefts, on both sides of a brain. According to a Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center, schizencephaly occurs in 1 out of each 64,935 births in a United States.

“When she was innate a doctors told us she would never grin or do anything,” Lisa wrote on Rylee’s YouCaring page. “We were devastated, though she has been proof those doctors wrong.”

Last year, when a video about Rylee was posted online, Malik beheld it, according to Lisa. And when a family launched her YouCaring page, One Direction fans tagged him in Twitter posts about it, creation certain he saw it.

She assumes that Malik’s chatter is how Tomlinson found out about their story.

One Direction has been on a interregnum given 2016, as a members pursue personal projects. Malik left a organisation in 2015. But a 1D Family stays strong, as evidenced by some of a messages on Rylee’s fundraiser page.

“Rylee, we found we interjection to Zayn and Louis,” one donor wrote. “I adore your song taste, and wish we and your desired ones are carrying a smashing day.”

Wrote another: “You’re a loyal fighter. I’m violence cancer for a 3rd time. We have this!! God magnify we and God magnify Louis and Zayn!! we work in a attention and it’s good to see genuine common people in it!! Keep fighting! Hugs and Prayers.”

For his part, Tomlinson left a elementary message: “Sending we all a love! Louis x.”

To see Rylee’s fundraising page, click here.

Rylee photos pleasantness YouCaring. Louis Tomlinson performs on theatre during a Manchester Arena on Nov. 9, in Manchester, England. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

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