One Direction left a space for Zayn Malik in their ‘Drag Me Down’ song video …

August 23, 2015 - one direction

This new fan speculation that One Direction potentially, maybe, presumably left a space for Zayn Malik in their Drag Me Down song video should come with a bloody health warning, since a emotions were usually not versed to understanding with this today.

It’s substantially not helped by a fact that we stayed adult until 5am after being dragged into a Tumblr hole yet that’s besides a indicate really.


Okay, so by now we’re guessing you’ve all seen a DMD video during slightest 69784 times (refresh, not replay everybody), have worked tirelessly to try and interpret what a blimmin’ ‘eck that is on Louis Tomlinson’s t-shirt, submitted your possess video reviews and review about all a scholarship behind pronounced vid, areweright?

HOWEVER, have we listened about a speculation that, by fluke or not (or usually by some savvy screenshotting skills), a 1D boys might have left an tangible space in a video for their former bandmate and their hermit Zayn?

No? Oh, you’ll substantially wish to get a tissues out then, since we’ve already cried ourselves a code new Olympic-sized pool for a garden over this one.

It started on Twitter, when these fans beheld that there was clearly a Zayn-sized opening left between a boys during some tools of their new video, call many to doubt either it was conscious or not.

Seems like a solar complement wasn’t a usually space they were aiming for, eh? We’ll uncover ourselves out.

Ohhhh, spaces between us.

Don’t worry though, since one fan with unusually good Photoshop skills has bound it all for us:

Bravo, world.

We’re not wholly certain what to consider about this theory, yet if we need us today, we’ll substantially be swimming in that pool of tears we done earlier. You?



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