One Direction lights adult Winnipeg bride-to-be’s universe like nobody else

July 26, 2015 - one direction

Boy rope One Direction didn’t just play to a spirited throng of hormonal teenagers at Investors Group Field on Friday in Winnipeg — they also played a hilariously special purpose in one 29-year-old Winnipeg woman’s bachelorette party.

The hugely renouned English-Irish cocktail couple was in city on Jul 24 as partial of a “On The Road Again Tour 2015.” The debate date proclamation came months in advance, though, giving Lori Darragh’s friends plenty time to devise something additional special for a bride-to-be.

Darragh’s ceremonial send-off started off like any bachelorette party. The organisation donned a garland of brightly beaded necklaces and tiaras, with Darragh sporting a marriage veil — and garter.​

The organisation of adult women afterwards bused to a concert, pun-filled One Direction-themed signs in hand, and got gentle in their front row seats.

Once a song got going, Darragh took a next obvious step of stealing her bridal garter and tossing it during thespian Harry Styles.

The internationally drooled-over unofficial frontman picked adult a lacy lingerie and slid it adult his leg.

At one point, One Direction thespian Harry Styles got tighten adequate for Lori Darragh to toss her garter on stage. Styles slipped it on before giving it behind to a happy bride-to-be. (Lori Darragh)

“Very exciting. And afterwards he after took it off and gave it behind to me, so sufficient it to contend it done my night,” Darragh said.

“He didn’t contend anything when he put it on though he, like, congratulated me progressing in a night. And when they were withdrawal he looked down on me and was like, ‘Well, have a good wedding.’ So that was unequivocally sweet.”

Darragh says her friends were vehement for her — if not a small jealous.

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