One Direction low-pitched expel looks zero like One Direction, though Zayn is back

October 2, 2015 - one direction

One Direction fans competence shortly be left doubtful when a new reincarnation of their dear cocktail organisation steals a limelight. Meet a expel of The One Direction Story, an arriving West End low-pitched about a chart-toppers’ epic arise to tellurian fame.

Tribute rope Only One Direction shaped in 2012 and is gathered of 20 singers who take it turns to perform as a teenage heartthrobs. Five members of this squad – yes, Zayn is creation a quip – have been picked for a prolongation and a initial photos of them have been released.

Matthew Maguire isn’t a misfortune Harry Styles lookalike out there with his red bandanna and floppy mop, though either Matt Ryan will remonstrate any Directioners that he’s a separate of Louis Tomlinson stays in critical doubt. Next adult we have Henry Allen as an equally indeterminate Liam Payne, Matt Brinkler as Irish child Niall Horan (the blonde hair is there though not a lot else) and Jamie Searls as excessive son Zayn Malik. 


One Direction final year before Zayn, distant left, quit to ‘be a normal 22-year-old’

“They’ve attempted to get absolved of me though I’ve stayed,” pronounced Searls. “They’re not removing absolved of me that easily. We like to keep it as a 5 piece, it’s a bit of nostalgia for One Direction fans. While they can’t get Zayn on a genuine tour, they can get Zayn in a West End.”

Only One Direction have had a tiny ambience of life in a world’s biggest boyband, furloughed Dubai malls, behaving a fibre of gigs opposite a UK and personification for 10,000 festival-goers.

The low-pitched will run for dual days and nights during a Lyric Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue from 24-28 October, with a story following a past 5 years of One Direction and featuring 21 of a biggest hits. It’s a “perfect family-friendly uncover and cocktail unison all in one”, apparently. 

Only One Direction will expected be scheming themselves to margin a rage of Directioners, who are not famous for holding pleasantly to anyone peaceful to opposition their worshipped originals.

Earlier this year, reverence rope One and Only Direction were targeted by indignant fans on Twitter regulating a hashtag #STOPyouarenot1D.

If we consider that wouldn’t be terrifying, have a crack by some of a things Directioners indeed contend on amicable media:

  • 1/20

    One Direction

    ‘I’m so sceptical of everybody that meets One Direction. Then again if we met Harry we would hyperventilate, stifle and die so…’ – @m_a_g_z_i_e

  • 2/20

    One Direction

    ‘If we ever perceived a twitter from anyone in One Direction I’d literally die on a mark and we wish my necrology and tombstone to censure them.’ – @aurosan

  • 3/20

    One Direction

    ‘When we die, we wish a One Direction ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ video displayed during my funeral, on a shade projected over my casket, personification non stop, appreciate you.’ – @zaynlikespayne

  • 4/20

    One Direction

    ‘I can't pronounce we wish to write a word ‘love’ everywhere and tell everybody we adore One Direction some-more than anything ever.’ – @sneezeharrys

  • 5/20

    One Direction

    ‘I’m in a ‘I’m gonna die alone with 8 cats and my posters of One Direction don’t exhale nearby me or I’ll punch you’ mood.’ – @nouisteenagers

  • 6/20

    One Direction


  • 7/20

    One Direction

    When 1D were on a cover of GQ magazine: ‘The GQ cinema make me wish to gash myself in a uterus!’ – @ziallsafari

  • 8/20

    One Direction

    ‘I wish that we die before any of a boys in One Direction does means we will not be means to even pierce if they go before we do.’ – @pokeniall

  • 9/20

    One Direction

    Another GQ response read: ‘Holy. C**p. The boys on a cover of GQ magazine. Someone fire me. Push me off a cliff. Stab me!’ – @wafaastalks

  • 10/20

    One Direction

    ‘Person: Why do we adore One Direction? Me: Why do we breathe? Person: If we didn’t I’d die. Me: Exactly.’ – @idrugsharry

  • 11/20

    One Direction

    ‘Don’t hatred on Louis we f**king a******s or we will force whiten into your a******s and lift out your eyes with a spork.’ – @fxkinlouis

  • 12/20

    One Direction

    ‘When are we in open and a One Direction strain comes on and your kidneys detonation and afterwards we die.’ – @harryhasbooty

  • 13/20

    One Direction

    ‘If One Direction were descending off a precipice and we could usually save one afterwards I’d fire myself so we could all die and accommodate in heaven’ – @austinrahone

  • 14/20

    One Direction

    ”One Direction is goin’ to be a subsequent to mangle up’. If we don’t close adult we will mangle your neck and urge for we to die.’ – @bubblegumniall

  • 15/20

    One Direction

    ‘My crony doesn’t like One Direction and we told her that if she pronounced something bold on Twitter she would die.’ – @flashing1D

  • 16/20

    One Direction

    ‘Do we ever feel like we wish to roar and cry and giggle and grin and die since of One Direction. Because same.’ – @chenloves1d

  • 17/20

    One Direction

    ‘When Niall cuddles someone or something and his cheeks do a thing we die.’ – @daintyiero

  • 18/20

    One Direction

    ‘My relatives always contend ‘They’re gonna die down’ and ‘You’ll grow out of them’. No f**k we I’m removing One Direction tattooed opposite my face.’ – @calumshoran

  • 19/20

    One Direction

    ‘Dear One Direction, we stole my heart though that’s okay. we like my boys like we like my tea – prohibited and British with some Irish creme.’ – @torii_rakusx

  • 20/20

    One Direction

    ‘Imagine Niall barging into a church and observant ‘I OBJECT’ to your matrimony since he loves you.’ – @niamhabitat

Despite this warning, a boys aren’t too worried. “We’re not lookalikes, we’re not impersonators, so we don’t consider they have any reason to be angry,” Matt said, adding that he met a genuine understanding a few years ago and discussed a probability of a musical. 

“He said, ‘There’s a uncover about us? Already?’ though we consider a final 5 years have been crazy, they’ve been so heated that there’s adequate people out there to wish to see a uncover about their lives and their music.”

One Direction go on hiatus subsequent March, so Only One Direction could be accurately what fans need to waves them over. They competence only need to squint.

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