One Direction low-pitched executive Jon Shone launches new rope and this is how we can be in it

March 25, 2018 - one direction

If you’re a budding musician who longs for a possibility in a spotlight, afterwards we might have a ideal event for you.

One Direction’s low-pitched director, Jon Shone – who grew adult in Leicestershire – is putting together a new child band, and he’s penetrating to partisan rope members from his home county.

Together with BMG USA, a executive producers of a Billboard Awards and a Country Music Awards, Jon wants to emanate a new masculine nation cocktail band.

The idea is to emanate a uninformed new sound that showcases any member’s low-pitched ability and abounding outspoken harmonies.

It will be done adult of members from a USA and UK.

The rope will make a TV documentary following a progress.

Jon behaving to thousands of 1D fans

Jon behaving to thousands of 1D fans
(Image: Calvin Aurand Photography)

Auditions will take place in London on Monday, Apr 2, and Tuesday, Apr 3, between 10am and 6pm – and usually 50 places are available.

Here’s what’s compulsory of intensity rope members:

  • 18-25 year-old males
  • Instrumentalists – bass/drum/guitar/keyboard players – that can sing
  • The ability to representation simple harmonies
  • Be vehement about nation cocktail music, both behaving and writing
  • Be peaceful to be filmed and be gentle with this process
  • Be peaceful to locate to Nashville, USA, for a duration of time while a plan gets adult and running

Jon on theatre with Harry Styles and Niall Horan

Jon on theatre with Harry Styles and Niall Horan

The successful possibilities will be flown to Nashville, paid a income and spend a summer being coached in strain writing, operative with large name producers, low-pitched directors and outspoken coaches.

They will qualification their sound and work together before entering a nation cocktail tellurian scene.

“This event will be positively huge,” says Jon. “I was in assign of One Direction as low-pitched director, and we feel a same feeling with this as when we started a 1D campaign.

“The knowledge and bearing we will get will be life-changing.”

If we accommodate a criteria above, send a video and print to this email address.

Only successful field will be contacted.

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