One Direction: Updates For Anna Todd’s ‘Erotic’ 1D Fan Fiction Film ‘After’ Coming?

July 4, 2016 - one direction

It has been about a year given Anna Todd announced she had a “six-figure” understanding to make a film formed on her “erotic” One Direction fan novella called After. However, it appears that it is not over nonetheless for Anna Todd’s One Direction fiction, and there are even hints that a film is still in a works.

For example, on Jul 1, Anna Todd, author of a One Direction fan novella that a film After is formed on, accidentally tweeted a hashtag #excitedforaftermovie. Is this a pointer that a loyal refurbish about a One Direction film is on a way?

According to Twitter posts from Jul 2, Daniel Sharman and Indiana Evans have been strictly expel as a stars of a Paramount Picture for a One Direction fan novella movie.

Indiana Evans was eyed for a purpose months ago, but, according to Twitter, Daniel Sharman usually assimilated a expel of a One Direction film around June.

Interestingly, it appears that other tweets seem to be seeking fans to titillate Paramount Pictures to start filming a One Direction movie… and that is an indicator that a After film has not done it into production.

Alternatively, it is a earnest pointer that a One Direction film will indeed be done since they have expel a actors for After.

Other critical After Twitter accounts that have posted several updates about a One Direction film in Jul embody @AfterUpdates, @After_Russia, @AfterBrasil_, and @AfterNews. The After fan army is called #Afternator and infrequently a post is tagged with #Hessa for Hardin and Tessa.

The final genuine refurbish in a media about Anna Todd or After was when Fashion and Style reported about a One Direction fan novella film around Dec 2015 quoted Anna Todd saying a following.

“[Susan McMartin, who has been tapped to coop a film], indeed only submitted a book a few days ago… So now we’re only waiting, waiting, waiting. But it feels like, from what we can say, that things are going to occur really fast from afterwards on.”

This followed Anna Todd being combined to Simon and Schuster‘s list of authors.

Promised some-more than a year ago, a One Direction fan fiction-based film is on a way. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

Some things that can be schooled from Anna Todd’s Instagram and Twitter accounts is that her multi-book array After and Before have both been translated into other languages such as French. Anna Todd is also frequently giving divided tough copies of her book to #Afternator fans.

On Jul 17, 2015, Billboard interviewed Anna Todd about After and settled a following.

“I never suspicion we could be an author… But we used a Internet, and that’s what set me apart.”

Tech Insider adds to this on Jul 28 and shows that it is not only about teen fans that adore One Direction and quoted Anna Todd saying her demographic during book signings enclosed “everyone from 15-year-old girls to 45-year-old women.”

Sadly, Anna Todd competence be laying low about a sum on a subsequent proviso of a new One Direction film since she has had some bad practice in a past.

As it appears, One Direction fan novella authors need to watch their backs, according to Bustle. On Nov 30, 2014, it was reported that Anna Todd was tormented by fans after she attended a American Music Awards.

Anna Todd is a One Direction fan novella author that is sealed to a vital book and film deal. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

Then again, Anna Todd competence be peaceful to sentinel off careless One Direction fans that cranky bounds since anything associated to 1D appears to be done of gold.

For example, One Direction competence have adequate income to final them and this competence make a thought of reuniting impossible. According to Billboard, One Direction’s career sales are astronomical and embody “7.6 million sum albums [sold] in a U.S.”

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