One Direction Wins Another Music Award But Will Be Replaced In 2017

May 24, 2016 - one direction

The Billboard Music Awards took place in Los Angeles on May 22, and while One Direction won one of a same awards they perceived in 2015… no one in a rope showed adult during a ceremony.

Is this another pointer that One Direction is strictly over or are they simply holding their vacation seriously? In a meantime, it appears that One Direction’s spotlight is solemnly being taken over.

Billboard writes that there was a prolonged list of celebrities during a awards rite in Las Vegas, though no one mentions One Direction.

Now that One Direction is on vacation, another rope will take their place while they are on interregnum from furloughed and creation new music. (Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

In 2015, One Direction was during a rite and was a unapproachable target of 4 Billboard Music Awards trophies for Top Artist, Touring Artist, Duo/Group, and Top Billboard 200 Artist.

In 2016, One Direction was nominated for dual of a same awards again, though this time, they usually won Top Duo/Group and mislaid their Top Touring Artist title. For this award, One Direction was thankful, according to Twitter, and some of their particular amicable media accounts reflected this gratitude.

Despite a fact that they are strictly a “top band,” One Direction seems as if they are too bustling to care. As formerly reported by a Inquisitr, there are a lot of reasons that One Direction competence be prepared to pierce on with solo careers, though a rumors keep spelling out that 1D is headed toward a permanent hiatus.

For example, NME states that One Direction’s Harry Styles is totally over his 1D days, wants to cut ties with his Sony Records tag understanding with Simon Cowell, and is presumably relocating on with a solo song career with Universal/Capitol Records.

Adding to a confusion, Bustle writes on May 23 that One Direction’s destiny standing is still undefined, according to insiders, and it is purported that fans will hear directly from particular members of One Direction about what their rope standing is in a nearby future.

In a end, could it be probable that One Direction does not need to quit given their spotlight has already been taken… after usually a few months of vacation? One evident probability has always been that other members of Syco Records would step adult if One Direction ever stepped down… and Little Mix is proof this theory.

For example, Little Mix recently took a spotlight divided from One Direction for Biggest-Selling Tour in a U.K. in 2016, according to Digital Spy. In Mar 2015, Forbes reported that One Direction had a highest-grossing debate worldwide with $290 million in sales.

Regardless, in further to One Direction imitators like One and Only Direction, Only One Direction, and Imitadores MX, there are also other cocktail bands from around a universe that are attempting to be One Direction doppelgangers in some way.

For instance, in South Asia, a rope SANAM is referred to as a “One Direction of India” and they are streamer to play a one-night-only unison in South Africa, according to Channel 24.

There are also signs that One Direction is a shutting section given during slightest one of their opening acts, McFly, has non-stop a debate of their own. According to The Sun, after being a successful partial of One Direction tours in a new past, given 1D is on vacation, McFly motionless it was time to step adult into a limelight.

For some bands looking to be a subsequent One Direction, they are inspired and prepared for a title. For instance, 4th Impact has been champing during a bit to be in One Direction’s universe for a past year, and a indicators keep removing some-more direct. Movie News Guide goes as distant as observant that 4th Impact had “dreamed” of apropos a womanlike chronicle of One Direction.

Nevertheless, there is a clever justification by voting fans that shows immature song fans consider Fifth Harmony is a expected claimant to reinstate One Direction.

2017 will be an engaging year for awards ceremonies with One Direction out of a spotlight, and there is clever justification that Fifth Harmony will expected collect some of their trophies in a future. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

As Billboard forked out in their check on a night before a awards ceremony, there are several musicians a open was vehement to see perform during a uncover in Las Vegas, and One Direction’s name was not mentioned.

Although One Direction was not on a assemblage list for fans to opinion on, a other names that were renouned in a Billboard check were Troye Sivan, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Fifth Harmony.

Another awards rite that shows One Direction could be in a routine of being transposed as No. 1 is a Radio Disney Music Awards. The 2016 prize One Direction won was for Best Crush Song.

Sadly, One Direction mislaid 3 nominations during a 2016 Radio Disney Music awards including Most Talked About Artist to Taylor Swift, Fiercest Fans mislaid to Fifth Harmony fans, and Best Group to Fifth Harmony.

By comparison, in 2015, One Direction did not win any Radio Disney Music trophies and mislaid to Fifth Harmony again for Best Group and Fiercest Fans in further to losing a 2015 endowment for Best Crush Song.

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