One Direction’s solo careers: Who has a ‘Best Song Ever’?

July 22, 2017 - one direction

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Since One Direction announced their interregnum in Aug 2015, all 5 guys (including Zayn, who left a group in Mar 2015) have expelled solo music. From Louis Tomlinson, whose new singular Back to You dropped Friday, to Harry Styles, who is about to embark on a universe tour, we’ve reviewed a differences in a boys’ singular low-pitched styles. 

Harry Styles

1D persona: Fun  flirty 

Current MO: Taking cues from stone legends 

Level of solo success: Extraordinharry 

Was this Angel‘s solo success unequivocally most of a surprise? His album, that debuted during No. 1 on a Billboard 200 Albums chart, sounds like a brew of David Bowie and John Elton, and classical stone anthems like Sign of a Times display just what his voice can do. The singer will strike a highway for his initial debate though his One Direction bandmates this fall. 

Zayn Malik 

1D persona: Suave  sexy 

Current MO: Hanging with Taylor Swift’s crew 

Level of solo success: Amazayn 

Zayn opted for a totally opposite instruction with his music. His 2016 album Mind of Mine, that also debuted during No. 1 on a Billboard 200 Albums chart, switched adult his character a bit by incorporating RB, though a change hasn’t seemed to harm his career. His new sound has done him renouned with Taylor Swift’s crowd, too. Zayn recorded I Don’t Wanna Live Forever with Swift progressing this year, and he is dating Gigi Hadid, who seemed in Swift’s strain video for Bad Blood and on a recent Vogue cover with Zayn

Louis Tomlinson 

1D persona: Stylish  sassy 

Current MO: Finally anticipating his voice 

Level of solo success: Fabulouis 

It’s been a tough few months for Tomlinson, who mislaid his mom in Dec and pronounced final month that some saw him as “forgettable” in One Direction. But he hasn’t let his challenges stop him from achieving solo success (his initial solo single, that he facilities on with Steve Aoki, debuted during No. 52 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart). His new single Back to You is out now, and we’re amatory it. Forgettable? Not a chance. 

Liam Payne

1D persona: Sweet smiley 

Current MO: Partying in a club 

Level of solo success: Brilliam 

Payne went for a bar vibe with his new sound, collaborating on singles with Quavo and Zedd. Sadly, he seems to have embraced a hiatus. In his initial solo strain (which hit No. 1 on a Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart), he sings, “You know we used to be in 1D / Now I’m out giveaway / People wish me for one thing / That’s not me.” Still, other lines encourage fans that he’s still a Payne we know and love: “I’m not changing a approach that we used to be.” 

Niall Horan

1D persona: Irish  adorable 

Current MO: Sticking to what he knows 

Level of solo success: Phenomeniall 

Irish thespian Niall Horan seems calm with staying in a same direction. Though he’s usually expelled dual singles so distant (which both hit No. 1 on a Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart), both sound like they could seem on a One Direction album. This Town, an acoustic adore ballad with a sweet, elementary melody sounds identical to 1D marks like I Want to Write You a Song, from a band’s final manuscript pre-hiatus. Slow Hands, with a stomp-clap start and familiar vibe, sounds identical to 1D’s Rock Me

But will a organisation ever reunite for another One Direction album? We wish so, though for now we’re left with these solo hits and the Midnight Memories

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