Christopher Nolan’s cinema are generally flattering popular, even if some people consider a energy of adore is simply too sci-fi for a film where a father literally communicates with his daughter by a walls of reality, though they’ve never been “teen girls tears in a audience” popular. They’ve never been child rope popular. That, presumably, is because Nolan has done a somewhat radical casting preference for his subsequent film, a World War II action-thriller called Dunkirk. According to Deadline, Nolan has expel One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles in a film, that will tell a story of a British military’s depletion of a eponymous French city in a ‘40s.

Styles, who is best famous for mostly carrying uncanny hair and for being a many gifted member of One Direction, will be fasten tangible actors Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh in a film, and Dunkirk will be his underline film behaving debut. The Deadline report doesn’t have any specific sum about Styles’ character, though it “is not believed to be a heading role.” That should during slightest be a service to a other members of One Direction, who contingency be ill of Styles constantly carrying heading roles in their songs and videos (due to him being a many talented).

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