Simon Cowell teases One Direction announcements entrance ‘over a subsequent integrate of months’

March 7, 2016 - one direction

​Simon Cowell’s usually left and worked us into an comprehensive frickin’ frenzy by teasing that we can design One Direction to announce some ‘things’ over a ‘next few months,’ hasn’t he? The small critter.

Yup – with a 1D interregnum really most in full pitch we now have 4 (well, arrange of five) boys to keep ABREAST of; and Uncle Si reckons we can ‘absolutely’ design some-more solo things from Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. Hooray and, indeed, hoorah.

Chatting to E! on a red runner of some America’s Got Talent press eventuality thing, Simon said: “It was always gonna come. You can’t work during that turn a approach they did. we meant lots of things are gonna be announced over a subsequent few months, though they are a nicest people to work with. Hard working, conclude everything; so it won’t be a end.”

Simon also suggested that we can design some-more solo things from a boys soon. When asked by E! either or not we’ll be removing something from a boys away Uncle Si revealed: “Yeah, there will be more, I’m positively certain of that.​”

‘Things are gonna be announced’? Solo shiz? WHAT BLOODY HIATUS, eh?

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