The 10 Best Songs Written By Niall Horan: From One Direction to Solo Debut ‘This Town’

January 20, 2017 - one direction

While we were watchful for Harry Styles to finally dump solo music, another former One Directioner kick him to a punch. It was Niall Horan — the group’s categorical instrumentalist — who followed Zayn by apropos a group’s second member to recover his possess strain outward of 1D, with final week’s “This Town.” He reminded fans he hasn’t left his knack for acoustic ballads behind with One Direction and let them know there’s even some-more on a way, announcing a understanding with Capitol Records. Rest assured, Niall’s got some-more than golf on his mind these days, even if his Twitter feed might tell you otherwise

With a successful solo career potentially on a horizon, we motionless to revisit a songs Niall has co-written with his group. As it turns out, there are a lot of overwhelming ones — it contingency be those six-string chops! From a beginning days of One Direction to those heading adult to a British child band’s hiatus, here are a picks for a best songs Horan had a partial in creating. 

1. One Direction, “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”

One Direction experimented with a far-reaching accumulation of sounds and styles in their five-year career — their ballads are only as noted as their anthems. “Don’t Forget Where You Belong,” from a band’s 2013 manuscript Midnight Memories, exists in a former camp. Niall wrote it alongside dear British pop-rock organisation McFly, a supportive series with a double meaning: fluctuating a palm of affability for a friend, partner or fan, and reminding everybody that One Direction will perpetually remember their common origins. Horan told Entertainment Weekly how many he loves a song, pity that it “gets a good greeting during [live] shows, and yeah, when we was essay it there was a lot of view behind it.” We trust it.  

2. One Direction, “Story of My Life” 

This one is some-more of a organisation effort, as it was longtime One Direction songwriters Jamie Scott, John Ryan and Julian Bunetta who served a organisation a initial chronicle of “Story of My Life.” Apparently a guys were so flippin’ pumped when they listened a severe demo of a track, they immediately jumped in to finish a tune. So this is partly a outcome of Horan’s genius, though also a rest of a lads. Aww!

3. One Direction, “Night Changes”

In a after 1D albums, a British boys started experimenting with some-more adult sounds, generally that in a classic-rock mold. “Night Changes” is a ethereal reading of that energy, all a guys teaming adult once again with in-house writers Scott, Ryan and Bunetta.

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4. One Direction, “Change Your Ticket” 

Bonus lane time! “Change Your Ticket” is technically a thirteenth lane on a band’s final manuscript with Zayn Malik, Four. The whole rope wrote it with Bunetta, Ryan and another unchanging collaborator, Sam Martin. It’s simply one of a sexiest songs a rope has ever written, and we’ll give Niall some credit for that one.

5. Niall Horan, “This Town”

It’s his initial solo single, and if it’s any denote of a instruction he’s headed in, we can assume Niall is going full-on singer/songwriter mode, a la best blossom Ed Sheeran. That’s, like, a conflicting of a bad thing? Here’s to a future!

6. One Direction, “Back for You”

This lane can be found on 1D’s sophomore album Take Me Home and reflects early maturation within a band. It’s dedicated to a onslaught of carrying to leave a desired one all a time, and with One Direction’s debate schedule, they know a theme improved than most. Being on a highway all year prolonged substantially weighed complicated on a hearts of all a boys, not only a categorical male Niall.

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7. One Direction, “Never Enough” 

“Never Enough” is a slow-burner on a group’s final album, 2015’s Made in a A.M., and only so happens to be a lane Niall is proudest of. He told Entertainment Weekly about a process:

It was kind of a new sound that we had never attempted before and we had never unequivocally created in that sound, either. When we hear a strain you’ll know what we mean. It’s really different. we was happy with a approach we had created it, and a approach we came about it. We were only on a piano one night in Julian [Bunetta, writer-producer]’s house, and we were sitting around and carrying a integrate of beers and afterwards It only kinds popped adult on a piano and it’s not played by trumpets. So when things like that happen, we feel proud.


8. One Direction, “Everything About You” 

The best 1D songs are all about love, right? The British babes cowed that immediately on their entrance album, Up All Night, with “Everything About You,” a exceedingly underrated lane penned by a boys (Niall included) and songwriters Steve Robson and Wayne Hector.

9. One Direction, “Same Mistakes”

Another early gem is “Same Mistakes,” created by a same folk as “Everything About You,” and roughly feels like a delay of it — sometimes we adore and give and relations only don’t work out. Niall knows that heartache, and it creates for a good track.

10. One Direction, “Fool’s Gold”

Love is a treacherous mistress, and Niall knows it as many as anyone. In “Fool’s Gold” he and his rope group adult to tell a story of unrequited love, detailing a insinuate cunning fundamental in infatuation. If anyone ever breaks his heart, we’ll yield a shoulder to cry on.

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