The One Direction boys bought baby Bear Payne a CUTEST presents

June 13, 2017 - one direction

So so cute!

Bear Payne might usually be a few months old, though we gamble he already has a improved shoe collection afterwards us. Liam has already suggested that a youngster owns a span of Yeezy’s and his baby habit is full of Gucci. Casual.

Oh and he already has a prolonged list of celeb pals, compared to us who usually saw someone that used to be on Hollyoaks. In Tesco once. Buying red-topped milk.

Now baby Bear Payne has got another #humblebrag to supplement to his ever-growing collection. The One Direction boys bought him some ritzy-shvitzy gifts only for being born. Sounds great, really. Hey, we were innate and we are really alive – where is a gifts?

Harry Styles bought flowers for a kid (probably some-more for Chezza, unless we misheard and it was a flower-shaped rattle). Niall however, flashed a money and bought Bear some trainers.

Why not, eh. Though we were always told to ‘never run, before we can walk’.

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