The Piano Guys Face Legal Action After Playing One Direction during …

January 22, 2017 - one direction

The Piano Guys Face Legal Action After Playing One Direction during Trump's InaugurationThe Piano Guys Face Legal Action After Playing One Direction during Trump's Inauguration

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The Piano Guys not usually motionless to play Trump’s Inauguration, they also featured a One Direction song.  Now, a chairman who wrote that strain is vowing authorised revenge.

The Piano Guys only cashed a fat paycheck to play Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  According to estimates, a organisation perceived some-more than half-a-million dollars for only dual performances.

Now, a Piano Guys competence be profitable some of that behind to One Direction.

The members of 1D were apparently repelled to find a Piano Guys personification their song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.  And so were their fans: right after a Piano Guys lonesome a song, One Direction fans influenced into movement online.  Many were confused, meditative One Direction had postulated accede in support of Trump (they didn’t).

Maybe that’s since a Piano Guys done ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ their full-blown opener.

‘What Makes You Beautiful’  is simply one of a One Direction’s biggest tracks.  The strain is also certainly One Direction.  All of that means that a Piano Guys intentionally compared One Direction with an intensely argumentative event.  And they did it yet seeking permission, or even charity a presentation to anyone in One Direction.  All of that sounds like a outrageous pointer of disregard from a Piano Guys, a organisation perplexing to ‘heal’ a divided nation.

The Piano Guys: Attacking Hillary?

Separately, a organisation also lonesome ‘Fight Song,’ combined by Rachel Platten.  That was Hillary Clinton’s debate anthem, sparking a outrageous criticism from Platten.  Indeed, many fans now perspective this as a direct domestic attack by a Piano Guys.  Somehow, in their goal to reanimate a bleeding nation, a Piano Guys picked a misfortune songs imaginable.

Why We Agreed to Play during Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Adding insult to injury, those covers are generating pennies for One Direction and Platten (literally).  The Piano Guys, by contrast, raked in an estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars — any — for personification a Trump gig.

It’s on…

Now, a songwriter behind a pound strike is vowing revenge, starting with authorised action.  Savan Kotecha, who penned a lane as a amatory loyalty to his wife, reliable that a Piano Guys really didn’t find permission.  “They were positively NOT given accede to use WMYB during a initial ball,” Kotecha tweeted after a performance.

“I will be looking into holding action.”

But what action, exactly?

US Copyright law typically allows groups like a Piano Guys to cover songs.  That includes renouned works like ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ that tumble underneath a ‘compulsory license’ that doesn’t need a accede of a artist.  Not a many deferential thing to do, yet stable underneath law.

That’s a default law in a strain industry, yet some artists have privately threatened authorised movement for other forms of infringement.  That includes ‘likeness,’ that refers to a misappropriation of a band’s picture yet permission.  In a box of a Trump Inauguration, One Direction is now noticed as ancillary a incoming President — whether they like it or not.

The Piano Guys, by intentionally regulating a strain yet notifying a organisation in advance, competence be causing repairs by implying an publicity that doesn’t exist.

There are other reasons because a Piano Guys competence be concerned.  There are now exceptions to mandatory licenses, privately for domestic engagements.  A few months ago, edition executive Monica Corton wrote about a little-known ostracism for domestic uses.   That’s right: songwriters can indeed demarcate their strain from domestic rallies.

Want to Prevent Donald Trump from Playing Your Music during Rallies?

BMI, one of a largest opening rights groups in a US, recently combined an ostracism proviso to forestall certain politicians from regulating renouned music.  A fibre of artist complaints stirred a provision, including a array of battles between Trump and high-profile artists.

We’ve reached out to Savan to serve plead a matter.  Stay tuned.


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