The scholarship of ‘Drag Me Down’: a roundtable on One Direction during NASA

August 21, 2015 - one direction

One Direction debuted a video for their initial singular though Zayn Malik early this morning, and to a warn and ubiquitous astonishment of a whole Verge newsroom, it appears to be filmed not usually in a unequivocally possess United States though also in one of a unequivocally possess NASA facilities. The simple grounds is that any member of One Direction is in training to be an wanderer (they have GEDs), and subsequently is launched into space.

Their videos roughly always have elaborate set pieces and crazy prolongation values: “Steal My Girl” takes place in a dried and has simply hundreds of veteran dancers (also Danny DeVito), a backdrop for “Midnight Memories” is a entirety of London and a population, and “You and I” has a bigger CGI bill than Game of Thrones (probably). This was a subsequent judicious step after holding over an whole city. They’ll substantially film their subsequent video on Mars.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: After relocating past my ire that a scholarship group at The Verge didn’t conduct to get me an entice to a set, we dragged The Verge‘s go-to space experts into a Google doc to explain all a cold NASA things in “Drag Me Down.”

First question: Is this a genuine NASA facility? Not that it matters generally since we would watch Niall Horan rebound around in shredded spare jeans on unequivocally any widen of concrete.

Loren Grush: Yes, One Direction is disrupting a lives of engineers during NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. And we trust they’re also unresolved out during NASA’s JSC aeroplane hangar during Ellington Field, also outward of Houston. Those planes are T-38 Talons, that are supersonic jets NASA uses to sight astronauts.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Well, this is overtly a slightest fun One Direction song video I’ve ever seen, so we theory all this “trouble” they caused a engineers was for naught. It seems like a mood would have been carried by them losing proprietor Brooding Demon Zayn Malik in March, though Harry Styles is doing so many brow furrowing here that we consider we might cry. Have we seen a video for “Kiss You”? It is 100 percent tender joyous boyishness, and no science. we prolonged for a days when my boys were too happy for science.

Sean O’Kane: we wish to know how this all came together. we know NASA is generally deliberate thirsty, though did they unequivocally proceed One Direction to do this? Who creates that phone call? And since does One Direction collect up? “Hi, Niall, it’s your manager reminding we to call NASA back. we won’t remind we again.”

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Sean, we suspicion it was transparent that we would be seeking a questions here. Rude. As everybody knows, all of a large One Direction song videos, as good as their glorious debate documentary This is Us, and their lives, are destined by Ben Winston. Either he done a call since he’s unequivocally good during interpreting lyrics so literally that it’s unpleasant (see: “You and I,” in that a rope members shapeshift into any other’s bodies for no reason), or NASA done a call after observant how good Louis Tomlinson looked in a super cheesy-looking feign spacesuit in a band’s latest redolence ad.

Sean O’Kane: we am entirely assured in observant that it was a latter.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Okay, that’s settled. Next impending question: Is that a genuine rocket launch? Is One Direction unequivocally in a rocket? Did One Direction launch themselves into space to equivocate a abrasive unhappiness of their lives as busy and heinously stalked cocktail stars?

Loren Grush: It looks like a video producers usually ripped off a footage from this super cheese video NASA done final year for a initial exam of their Orion organisation capsule. The Orion is a car that might lift astronauts to Mars.

The rocket launch is a 3D digest of a Delta IV launch, though they done a rocket blue for some reason? we theory blue is some-more romantic than orange. Or maybe they ran into copyright transgression with United Launch Alliance? Can we copyright a feign rocket launch?

Sean O’Kane: We need to speak about this for a minute. The Delta IV is a rocket operated by a United Launch Alliance, that is a corner try between Boeing and Lockheed Martin. NASA is tough during work during a subsequent big-ass-rocket-that-could-take-us-to-Mars-or-probably-just-the-Moon, that is called a Space Launch System. If you’re going to use a feign video of a rocket launch, since wouldn’t we use a feign video of your possess mega rocket?

Loren Grush: Sean, NASA’s bill is limited. They don’t have time to make additional rocket videos for One Direction. They’ve got Mars to work on.

Sean O’Kane: Okay, so a choice is to move in their good buddies from a military-industrial formidable we guess. There we have it, InfoWars. One Direction is now one step divided from determining all of a ICBMs.

Loren Grush: We’re headed in one direction… to fascism.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Let me explain something to you, scholarship friends. One Direction isn’t even from a United States, so any apparent shilling of a late-stage capitalist, industry-obsessed, shoot-’em-up ethos is not their error or intention. In fact we should be thanking them for moving immature women to turn astronauts and rocket scientists and cinematographers who can feign rocket launches. NASA certain is:

Oh! Can we also explain me to a drudge that Harry Styles hangs out with usually before One Direction is launched into space in a unequivocally genuine rocket launch?

robonaut and bother styles

Loren Grush: That’s Robonaut 2. It’s a humanoid drudge designed to assistance out a astronauts on a International Space Station. A chronicle of Robonaut 2 is adult in space right now, though One Direction usually got to hang out with a one stranded here on Earth. Just so we know, I’ve also jarred Robonaut’s hand, so fundamentally Harry Styles and we have touched.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Loren, we don’t unequivocally know what kind of quarrel you’re perplexing to start here, though we went to a second-ever live opening of “Drag Me Down” (in Pittsburgh) this summer and on several occasions done extraordinary eye hit with Harry Styles from my chair about 3 zillion feet from a stage. So fundamentally Harry Styles and we are married.

Sean O’Kane: Wait, is Harry Styles a one that left? One of them left, right?

Loren Grush: Sean.

rover and louis tomlinson

Loren Grush: Another common brag: I’ve totally driven a corsair that one man is pushing (sorry don’t know his name, don’t care). It’s called a Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle, and it’s designed to try unfamiliar turf like on a Moon and Mars. we got to take it for a spin on a weed outward JSC. Yeah, that’s not a common brag, that’s usually a brag.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Okay not to be rude, Loren (although this review was already removing flattering rude), though we saw Harry Styles wearing that coupler in chairman one time.

Loren Grush: You win. Also, we gamble that’s a many pushing movement a MMSEV gets this year. #nobudget

Sean O’Kane: Bones.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Sean.

Loren Grush: Ugh, we keep forgetful to stop a video and Taylor Swift starts auto-playing.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: The onslaught to equivocate “Bad Blood” is real, during slightest we can determine on that.

Loren Grush:

loren on a rover

loren and her mom and a rover

Kaitlyn Tiffany: ALRIGHT LOREN, WE GET IT.

This happened. a lady in front of me was p. good until we attempted to leave early for work and afterwards she was 100% appalled.

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More important: Why am we looking during Liam Payne’s armpit hair? Why am we looking during his sweat? How is this function to me? And since is he on a treadmill? Why would an wanderer have to do cardio training usually to lay around in a steel cylinder in space?

liam payne armpit

Loren Grush: Oh my God, Kaitlyn. Astronauts have to do a TON of cardio. Space doesn’t have gravity, so we remove bone and flesh mass many faster than we do on Earth. If we don’t exercise, your muscles can atrophy.

Sean O’Kane: Also we have to run from all a space aliens, so we need to be in shape.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Oh, right. Well, I’ve schooled zero since we was usually examination this video on repeat a whole time we were talking. Let’s hide it again usually for kicks and giggles.

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