The State of One Direction: updates on a energy structure of a child band

August 1, 2015 - one direction

As sinister as it is that their yearly manuscript dump is usually days before a holiday selling deteriorate begins, and as most crap as they get dealt for recycling comparison stone with somewhat some-more swoon-worthy harmonies, One Direction deserves a lot of a appreciation for what they do for immature womenBy determining to go to teenage girls, One Direction motionless that they didn’t need to be taken seriously.

Boy bands are submissive initial regretful interests, gateways to some-more different and improved music, and a golden guarantee that there are organisation who don’t consider your each suspicion and feeling is silly. But what happens when one-fifth of your illusion is out a door? When Zayn Malik split ways with a other four-fifths of One Direction in March, there were many tears to shed, many pieces to reshuffle, and no approach to know for certain if a anticipation could continue unmarred.

As it turns out, child bands are frail ecosystems, and when a plates shift, a anticipation might fall. As a news of One Direction’s first post-Zayn single crept out onto a internet this morning, everybody was seeking a same question: “What does this sore salsa strain tell me about a new energy structure within a reigning champion-of-my-heart child band?”

The answer? A lot.

Harry is a new Zayn: Harry started substantiating his position as a new proprietor brooder of One Direction before a strange proprietor brooder had even sealed off with a “Remember when we had your possess life?”

As we can see, in a video for “Steal My Girl” he is wearing a ditch cloak and unequivocally prolonged hair, and no one is vouchsafing him be a witty scamp:

harry styles

He tries unequivocally tough not to make jokes about it, though eventually fails since he is still an darling speculator even underneath all that brood. Thank God.

harry styles

But in the proclamation clip for “Drag Me Down” it looks like Harry has taken on “the puzzling one” duties full time. This comes as a startle deliberation a weirdly critical vessel float review in that Harry says that Niall deserves a pretension and Liam expresses service that he is not a bureau worker. But they also share a grin about that time that they roughly kicked Zayn out of a band, so we theory this is indeed a slightest prophetic review in history.

Liam is a new Harry: Liam was recently voted a third hottest male in a universe and therefore, we theory a hottest member of One Direction, by a incidentally comparison organisation of demented amicable anarchists. The usually thing we can consider of to censure this large manoeuvre on is his awfully darling attribute with Sophia Smith.

Just unresolved with a integrate of princesses 😉

A print posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on Jul 4, 2015 during 7:27am PDT

Harry Styles does not have a princess in his life, that is apparently stopping a ability to see him for a grade-A king he is.

Liam is also a new Simon Cowell: Liam appears to possess One Direction now, formed on a outspoken time that he got on “Drag Me Down,” his essay credits on some-more than half of Four, and a fact that he is apparently a usually one authorised to pronounce in central promotional videos these days.

Louis is a new “Daddy Direction”: As we know, “Daddy Direction,” is a nickname that was once given to Liam due to his bent to be dominant as ruin and hatred fun. But Louis literally assimilated someone recently, so.

Niall is impending death: Niall is like a puppy during a cruise that is unequivocally well-attended by people who conflict with genuine unrestrained when he chases his possess tail. He’s been doing it for 5 years and it’s removing reduction lovable to us and reduction fun for him, and he’s not unequivocally certain what’s function anymore. He’s dizzy, and he wants to distortion down.

We’ve sucked all out of him, including his earthy tears:

Zayn is dead:


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