This Is Why The One Direction Reunion Is Taking So Long

January 28, 2017 - one direction

We might be watchful awhile for that One Direction reunion. At slightest according to Louis Tomlinson.

When Tomlinson seemed on Today to perform his new singular with Steve Aoki “Just Hold On,” he explained because a interregnum might go on longer than creatively planned. Spoiler: It’s substantially a reason we would have guessed.

“I consider we’re enjoying a bit of time to ourselves,” he explained. “Exploring a possess solo things.”

This seems to be true. Since a boy rope went on hiatus in Mar 2015, Niall Horan expelled his single “This Town” with a guarantee of a full-length album. Liam Payne is approaching to recover his first solo album, and turn a first-time father. Harry Styles hasn’t talked about his song plans, yet he will seem in a Christopher Nolan WWII film Dunkirk.

As Teen Vogue forked out, Tomlinson didn’t totally boot a thought of a boys removing behind together though, explaining “there’s time for that,” yet that time is really not now. In fact, Tomlinson explained that “nobody knows when” that time will be.

While this is positively bad news for Directioners, it’s positively not a misfortune thing. Instead of a singular One Direction, fans can demeanour brazen to 4 directions earlier rather than later.

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