Twitter users’ hopes for 2017 indicate in one direction

January 4, 2017 - one direction


As a new year starts to collect adult steam, amicable media marches on.

On Twitter, people are still given to their 2016 wounds and creation their wishes for what a new year will bring. The US House of Representatives, meanwhile, is trending opposite Facebook and Twitter after Republicans voted to tummy a Office of Congressional Ethics.

Social Cues is a demeanour during what people are articulate about opposite amicable media. Here is what’s trending on Tuesday:

#IHope2017WillBring: On a third day of 2017, people on Twitter already have their list of final for a new year. Some are only hoping a universe doesn’t end, while others have their fingers crossed for celebrity zombies. So far, a hashtag of wish has been dominated by One Direction fans emotional for a child rope to reunite. But really, people, there will never be an finish to cat GIFs on amicable media:

House Republicans: GOP members of a US House of Representatives have voted to idle a Office of Congressional Ethics, a dialect combined in 2008 to examine scandals and crime among lawmakers. The whole House will get to opinion on a preference on Tuesday, as partial of a manners package. If a opinion goes through, a watchdog group’s shortcoming will go to a House Ethics Committee, that other politicians control. On Twitter and Facebook, people are angry that a lawmakers are creation moves to renovate a slip organisation designed to reason those same lawmakers accountable.

Julian Assange: The WikiLeaks owner tells Fox News in an interview that will atmosphere Tuesday night that Russia was not behind a hacks that influenced a US presidential election. Emails from distinguished total in a Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton’s debate manager, John Podesta, were posted by WikiLeaks in 2016. Assange started trending on Facebook given of a interview, with some-more than 140,000 people talking about a news. The US comprehension village is flattering most all in agreement that Russia was behind a hacks, and final week President Obama retaliated opposite Russian officials.

Fallout 4: The hit diversion from late 2015 has started trending again on Facebook, also interjection to Russian hacking. A CNN report on a subject used a screenshot from a diversion as B-roll footage to uncover what “hacking” looks like, according to an eagle-eyed redditor who speckled a gaffe. People on Facebook have been shouting during a discovery.

Soulja Boy: The one-hit consternation “Crank That” rapper is trending on Twitter over his argument with Chris Brown. Soulja Boy claimed that a RB star called him Monday night and threatened to quarrel him given a rapper favourite a print of a singer’s ex-girlfriend on Instagram. Soulja Boy has given been promulgation a flurry of tweets and videos melancholy Brown and job him “irrelevant.” Which is accurately what people on Twitter are job Soulja Boy, who hasn’t had a strike record given 2007.

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